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Ruby – The gem stone of Lord Sun

The best among Navaratnas is Ruby aka Manikyam which comes in the middle portion in a navaratna ring. This precious stone is also known as Pathmaragam, Ratnaraj, Ratnanayak, Lohitham, Sougandhikam, Basuratna, Chunni, Roogal, Sooryakanthamani etc. According to the holy bible, it is believed that, God created these stones when he created human beings. The ruby stones were costlier eight times than diamonds in 16th century. The stone was popular in India especially in the royal palaces. The kings b
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Navaratnas - The nine gems

The word Nava means nine and ratna means gem. The nine gems those are used in gemology together are known as Nava
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Malayalam year 1189(2013- 2014...

Medam Highly beneficial 2013- 2014 is for those who have some artistic talents. If plans are there to build new
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Nine planets or Navagrahas in ...

Navagrahas or the Nine Planets have importance in Hinduism. Navagrahas are considered to play a major role in decid
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