Malayalam year 1189(2013- 2014) – General Prediction



Highly beneficial 2013- 2014 is for those who have some artistic talents. If plans are there to build new houses, things will fall in the favourable side this year. Also, people who are interested in agriculture, would be able to buy plots. It is highly recommended to keep away from eating out on a regular basis.Benefits from academic qualifications are expected for those who are trying for jobs. May get placed easily in higher posts than expected. People who are into social commitments would also gain fame and appreciations from the public for their actions. If not planning to build, people in Medam may opt to buy new houses this year. 


Surroundings may appear better than before. Careful dealings with people could result in long term relationships this year which would give benefits later. Film personalities and other celebrities may get more chances than pervious period. Siblings may not be in good terms with Edavam people. There are chances to get new vehicles and long distance travel associated with. Be cautious about health through out this year. Parents may join you unlike siblings and they will support for any of your will. A highly profitable year is seen ahead for those are into business.


Associations with brothers or sisters will be seen more. May come across a lot of ausipicious functions this year. Those who are working with Military or police force would be lucky this year. A favourable year for those who are students among Mithunam people. The first half of the year ie, till December 2013, will be good for people running business with properties or plots. New vehicles may be gained during this period. Again another beneficial year for those who are in the film, serials or any kind of arts in general. 


People would appreciate your frankness and sincerity. These people would also gain from those relationships. People who are in the social arena may get the maximum returns for their committed works. Generally there will be a financial security felt but, be careful while dealing with financial matters or investments. After the first half may see some issues at home like illness or serious injuries. Money will flow out of control and  also long journeys are seen this year for Karkitakam. For students and job seekers, this is not a positive period. 


Students may be interested in studies but, there may be unanticipated issues which become hindrances in continuing without turbulance. Though not severe issues, the regular attendance will be disturbed.People trying to go abroad and work will be blessed with opportunities this year. People working with banks, financial institutions etc will be benefited. Job seekers will have to make long travels but, still they would get to their new job findings. Careful at home, especially couples. Avoid arguments and unwanted issues arising on silly matters. Fever and cold will be annoying these people throughout the year. 


Very good period for the artists born in Kanni. A lot of appreciations as well rewards will be gained after the first half of the year, ie from January onwards. Managers will be appreciated for the prompt completions or achievements of any given tasks. Expect harmony at working places throught out this year. Promotions could also happen. Basically the perfect time to start anything on own for those who wish to do so. Careful while taking excess amount of loans though. A better time for agents, dealers etc still they should be cautious not to commit mistakes while fixing terms and conditions. Minor accidents are seen in the first half of the year. 


Thulam born people will get benefits from new jobs and higher posts gained this year. Those who are associated with power generation, any kind of electrical business may expect huge changes unexpected. Better to take care of the mother if elderly as the year may make you spend a lot of time taking care of her. Financial dealings are to be taken extra care though not to worry about any issues. Other business people may find this year a little bit hard to meet their goals. Relations may get spoilt forever. Avoid getting worried on silly matters as words cannt be taken back if once shot at someone.


Financially a better year especially from the second half. Real bad time at home though due to unanticipated sickness for relatives. Firts half of the year, approaximately till December 2013, it will be really difficult to have a smooth sail. Friends would even feel like leaving you because of the situations. There are only slight possibilities for those who are trying to go abroad and work. It would be better to try after January 2014, still with no high hopes this year. Deep wounds, fractures, sprain may make you disturbed more in the first half but, not to worry about the same as the second will smoothen things and make you feel better.


Take care of your parents and other elders, especially those who have no other supporting hands around them. It will make you eligible to gain wealth, prosperity. People who are looking out for jobs for long time will be blessed this year. Financial conditions will be better especially after the first half of the year. Plan anything and you can see them coming into reality faster than before. A very good time for those who are associated with movies,dance or any kind of art, especially music. Dhanu born people will also be benefitted with more opportunities in foreign countries, purely based on their academic merits.


Chances are there to gain inherited properties. Job seekers may get a temporary relief though not great. The second half will be better than the first for Makaram also. Students may face difficulties due to unexpected sickness. Those who are associated with films or arts may find this year better than before. Marriage proposals may not work out and other auspicious functions are also not expected to happen this year at home. There will be an escalation in financial status through official connections. Careful while travelling and eating out as may get affected seriously with food poisoning or some other related issues which may make you admitted for some days.


Harmony expected back at home, throughout this year. Auspicious functions may happen at home and also will attend many. Job seekers must try this year and would definitely be successful. The ones who want to go abroad and study may try and also jobseekers. People associated with Movies, or any other arts should take extra care as chances are there to get the names drawn into some severe issues. Students may also take extra caution not to get involved into silly arguments and spoil relationships. Do not invite any unnecessary troubles from some relationships as well. Kumbham born people may be haunted throughout the year with chances to get into some kind of traps. 


Loss of jobs, friends, immediate relatives, are expected this year. Careful while communicating with people at the office and also at home. You may hurt them unknowingly if got involved in any kind of arguments. Refrain from offering or accepting gifts from anyone. Meenam people may by new vehicles or travel extensively. Students may feel lack of interest in studies in the first half of the year. Hospital visits are seen though not frequently and serious. If jobs are lost or having financial difficulties, try to get settled through some connections after the first half of te year. They would be able to help and make the plight better, still not like in the past.