Shine Tom Chacko – Kamal Film ‘Vivekanandan Viralaanu’ Trailer Released; Film to Hit Theaters on January 19


The trailer for the upcoming Malayalam film ‘Vivekanandan Viralaanu’, directed by Kamal and starring Shine Tom Chacko, has been released. The trailer is funny and intriguing, and it gives a glimpse into the film’s plot.

The film tells the story of Vivekanandan, a government employee in Ernakulam who lives in a small village in Idukki with his wife, daughter, and mother. Vivekanandan is a simple man who is always trying to help others. One day, he becomes a viral sensation after a video of him goes viral. This newfound fame changes his life forever.

The trailer features Shine Tom Chacko in a comic role. He is joined by Swasika and Grace Antony, who play the female leads. The supporting cast includes Meera Michael, Johnny Antony, Mala Parvathy, Manju Pillai, Neena Kurup, Aadya, Siddharth Shiva, Sharath Saba, Promod Veliyanadu, Josekutty, Ramya Suresh, Niyas Backer, Smithu Sijo, Vineeth Thattil, and Anusha Mohan.

The film is produced by Nediyath Productions, and it is written by Kamal. The cinematography is by Prakash Velayudhan, and the editing is by Ranjan Abraham. Bijibal has composed the music for the film.

‘Vivekanandan Viralaanu’ is scheduled to release in theaters on January 19, 2024.

Here are some of the highlights of the trailer:

  • Shine Tom Chacko is hilarious as Vivekanandan. He delivers his lines with perfect comic timing.
  • The supporting cast is also impressive. Swasika and Grace Antony are both beautiful and talented, and they have good chemistry with Shine Tom Chacko.
  • The trailer is full of funny moments, and it leaves the viewer wanting to see more.

Overall, the trailer is a promising sign for ‘Vivekanandan Viralaanu’. It looks like a funny and heartwarming film that will be a hit with audiences.