Central government’s ‘Sandesh’ app to replace WhatsApp

Sandes app - Kerala9.com

New Delhi: WhatsApp is reportedly being replaced by the central government’s ‘Sandesh’ app, which government officials have reportedly started using the Swadeshi app. Last year, the government confirmed plans to launch an app similar to WhatsApp Chat. It is learned that the application was prepared and initially the ministry officials started using the app.
Business Standard reports that officials in some ministries have started using the GIMS or Government Instant Messaging System platform to send messages. Last year, there were several reports that the government-created chatting app was called Gims.
There is also a gims.gov.in page that confirms the Business Standard report. Some ways to log in are also specified, including sign-in, LDAP, Sandes OTP, and Sandes Web. When you tap on any of these options, the message “This authentication method only applies to authorized government officials” will appear on the page.