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Spider-Man: No Way Home Review: The greatest Spiderman film that you will ever see, must watch in theatres



•Language: ENGLISH. 

•Duration: 148 MINUTES 


•Theatre: JB Cinemas Nallila, 07:00 A.M SHOW 












• ONE WORD: The greatest Spiderman film that you will ever see, must watch in theatres. 


In Spiderman: Far From Home the antagonist Mysterio reveals the identity of Peter Parker as Spiderman which makes his life upside down. So Peter Parker seeks the help of Dr. Stephen Strange, (Doctor Strange). Peter asked him to restore his secret identity by doing some magic. When Peter Parker and Doctor Strange perform the spell together it opens the multiverse which allows the supervillains to enter into the earth. These villains from other realities are the ones who were fought by the various versions of Spiderman. The rest of the story unfolds the fight of Spiderman and Doctor Strange against the enemies with many unexpected twists and surprises.   


Spiderman: No way home is directed by Jon Watts who had previously directed the spiderman versions of Homecoming and Far From Home. Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers do handle the written works for the film. The film is produced by Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal under the production companies of Columbia Pictures, Marvel Studios, and Pascal Pictures. The movie has a running time of 148 minutes and is distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing and Spiderman: No Way Home is Phase Four of the MCU. 

Without making it complicated I can say that this is the best Spiderman movie to date in its franchise, I was stunned by seeing the wonderful making and writing. In the previous version of Tom Holland’s Spiderman, Homecoming released in 2017 was like an above-average experience, and the Spiderman: Far From Home released in 2019 stood a little bit higher but this version had crossed all the errors and offered an unbelievable cinematic experience. For the fans of Marvel and Spiderman, this movie is a great deal of fun and thrill, the several moments which we can see in the film were like a big festival full of surprises and twists. So this detailing of the film has lots of spoilers,  I can strongly say that the movie had crossed its hype, the expectation of a Marvel and Spiderman fan will always be huge and this movie lives brilliantly to deliver the best, none of them won’t felt any kind of disappointment.  

The movie begins with Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio revealing the identity of Peter Parker which we saw at the end in Far From Home. Now the whole world knows who is Spiderman, so his life is now at stake, not just his also his girlfriend M.J and his best friend Ned Leeds. They will be neglected in many situations so to make an end to this he will approach Doctor Strange. Both of them will do some sort of magic stuff but unexpected occurrences will be the final result. This is the basic story but what makes it more extraordinary is the above-mentioned events, there are numerous happening till the end and the connecting surprises and crucial twists which the story offers is momentous. From the mid part of the film, the whole movie enters into a unique world of Spiderman, the different Spiderman we loved sharing the screen together, yes, as a team. The supervillains of all franchises at one space and the three spidermen we loved at one place were like a magical moment, goosebumps were flown over me. When heard about the rumors I was wondering how they are going to make the movie possible but the brilliant writing and clever direction made Spiderman: No Way Home the best Spiderman film of the franchise.  

As a Spiderman fan, I am taking this opportunity to thank the makes through my words. Spiderman: No Way Home was like the biggest tribute to Spiderman, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers had made a remarkable script and the intelligent direction of Jon Watts’ made the film special and every single Spiderman Fan will realize it, it was like an unforgettable experience. We have seen the three spidermen, Toby Maguire’s version, Andrew Garfield’s version, and now the current Tom Holland’s version and it doesn’t matter which actor you love among the three it’s all about the three of them appearing in one space for a good reason as Spiderman. It’s very hard to express what I see through my words, it’s actually like an experience, taking us into the world of Spiderman, that one should never miss. And you will know what will happen if Doctor Strange joins them, yes it will go beyond the imagination and that’s what the film does. It takes us into a captivating world that is full of surprises, for the first time MCU had entered into the sphere of the Multiverse. So in the multiverse what will happen if something goes wrong or what will be the ultimate result if it does not work as per the plan is one of the highlights of this film. Spiderman: No Way Home is just a start, here the writers had begun the possible opening of Multiverse, the starting looks promising, Doctor Strange will have a lot more to do.  

The direction from Jon Watts needs special mention; he had masterly packed the film on the right track without making it messy like he did in Spiderman: Homecoming. Here the execution and its style was having a depth to make a big impact, how he arranged our loving characters and how he placed them was excellent. How the director mixed the several characters of villains and also how he positioned the various version of Spiderman with the villain was having a balanced momentum, staying steadily to give some best moments. The effective screenplay also made the job of the director easier, the plot was tough to predict, enough surprises was given, various eye-catchy combo scene of Spiderman was made and the opening for upcoming sequels for Marvel was served radiantly in the screenplay. Every scene though the direction was justifying the screenplay, the director had genuinely done some great job by studying the screenplay and it was evident all over the film. It’s because when the writer and director have a clear understanding of each other the movie will surely rise as per the plan and here in Spiderman: No Way Home the productive teamwork had given the final result of the best Spiderman film, huge applause for the writer and director. 


The film comes with a huge casting; several old actors in the previous versions of SpiderMan are now back in Spiderman- No Way Home. Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Wong, Jacob Batalon, Jon Favreau, Alfred Molina, Willem Dafoe, Thomas Haden Church, Rhys Ifans joins in the casting. 

We have seen Tom Holland as Spiderman and as Peter Parker in the previous Spiderman franchise and Avengers vision, in this version also stole the show like usual. What Tom Holland has that other Spiderman hasn’t is his uniqueness in handling the situation with the touch of innocence makes him special. I always really loved the way he undertakes the character Spiderman, with the errorless skills he uses to shine brilliantly and we have seen it before. In the film, The No Way Home also he doesn’t disappoint us, gives his best of his best to set a grand performance. His attitude and the way of approach to performing suits perfectly for a character like Spiderman. He performs uniquely compared with the other actors who had previously done the Spiderman role, when it comes to the emotional sequences he is genuinely brilliant than others. The character Peter Parker, your friendly neighborhood Spiderman is combined with various emotions, his love towards his friends and family, his responsibility to save the good ones, and the romance he expresses towards MJ is like a loop that the character is forced to follow so here Tom Holland undertakes these situational authentically, these various emotions he portrays always have a depth of a sensible actor, his acting skills are more evident when it comes to the Spiderman. In the No Way Home, villains are plenty and the premise is stuck with the multiverse so Tom Holland for performing has many things to do, his fights towards the villain and the combos with Doctor Strange was intriguing to watch, how he handles the situation and the new villains were in the best manner for a great cinematic experience. The viewers like us always have hope for Spiderman, how is gonna do and how he is going to be victorious is something we are aiming to look for so on that aspect Tom Holland was having adequate control to maintain the right momentum, he never gets gloomy or off-balance, surround the entire film with this energetic and intense vibe which was stunningly impressive.   

Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange is one of my favorite characters and the most mysterious avenger I believe, he is an extraordinary actor which he had proved through his earlier works. When it comes to Doctor Strange the profound seriousness he use to exhibit always makes me wonder, love the way he shows his attitude. The charming outlook, the spontaneous dialogue delivery, and the intense expression also the way he handles the situation constantly give me thrill and excitement. I honestly love his screen presence; the impact of his screen presence at the turning point of the film is something that gives me goosebumps and the excitement to make huge applause. Here Benedict Cumberbatch’s combination with Tom Holland makes Spiderman: No Way Home more beautiful, both of their teamwork was having great chemistry, moreover, their combination offers many sensational moments so for the fans of avengers it’s a damn thrilling visual treat to cherish. 

Zendaya as M.J did a great performance, all her outlook and style was gorgeous and the attitude she express gives a different feel among the other actress who had previously appeared in the Spiderman franchise. Zendaya’s combo with Tom Holland played a significant role throughout the film. Their chemistry was beautiful which filled the aspects of romance and trust. Also, the combination with Benedict Cumberbatch was fine, and loved the way she delivers the dialogue. Her speaking accent and the expression for dialogues looked good. Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds the best friend of Peter Parker was funny and entertaining as usual. His humor had settled to match the situation so his situational comedies had worked out well and were funny. The friendship he had with Peter Parker is always cute and their bond and funny side of friendship was pleasant to watch, the chemistry between Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon has is always adorable to watch. Jon Favreau as Harold “Happy” Hogan and Marisa Tomei as May Parker: Parker’s aunt plays a significant role in the film and they performed amazingly to make a sentimental impact. Marisa Tomei, Jon Favreau, and Benedict Wong had done complete justice to their respective characters.  

Now to the villains, Alfred Molina as Otto Octavius / Doctor Octopus, Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon / Electro, Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn / Green Goblin, Thomas Haden Church as Flint Marko / Sandman, and Rhys Ifans as Curt Connors / Lizard are back to the universe of Spiderman. Everyone had shown their excellence and skill in the previous versions of the Spiderman Franchise, they were daring villains to give a tough fight. Now everyone is back to do their respective villain roles and all of them had done an incredible job to make the movie appealing. Their fights with Spiderman were thrilling and exciting to watch, it was once again happy to see them on the big screen. Some costume changes and attitude changes were felt but in the performance, everyone shined dazzlingly to give a terrific fight for Spiderman, I am sure the Marvel Fans will enjoy every single bit of it. 


The movies which come under the production of Marvel Studios and Colombia Pictures are always rich in making high-budget productive films. The cinematography, editing, CGI, graphical work, background score, and costumes were flawlessly implemented to make the movie technically spectacular, guaranteeing a visual treat for the audience. The cinematography by Mauro Fiore is something beyond brilliance, his shots, his camera movements and his capturing of visuals according to the graphics was authentic to set a visual delight.  The various types of shots which we can see in the movie is wondrous, will make us think about how he had perpetrated it as per the scenes. The movements of the camera for the action sequences is having some differences when it is compared to the previous versions of the Spiderman franchise. Here the visuals through the camera and stunning movements at the actions offer a uniqueness, her cinematographer is assuring some thrilling moments, the different approach is evident in the whole film. The shots which focus to showcase the emotions of the character were vigorously taken, we can feel and realize their particular emotion, the focus on capturing the acting skills of actors were carefully captured by the cinematographer. The editing conducted by Jeffrey Ford was at the extreme level of perfectness. From the beginning till the end I couldn’t find anything incorrect, the cuts were made at the right place and the transition of the scene to the next was at a smooth level. The continuing was proper for every scene which overthrown the mismatches, nothing felt to be trimmed. His grading at the crucial scene was also impressive especially when it comes to the before and after of the multiverse. The music by Michael Giacchino had given an additional influence, the background score was electrifying with the right volt to give a massive impact. The actions sequences were stirred with the right tunes so the level of building the curiosity will provide a special interest. It’s like the background score was standing higher to make attention, the power of these tunes will grab our consciousness and a feel of additional alertness will be addressed. The emotional scenes play a vital role and to make it more melting Michael Giacchino had given some catchy tunes to make it more compelling, also the signature tune of spiderman was pleasing to hear. The manner they exhibited the multiverse in the graphics were ensuring to provide a festivity of delicacy on the big screen. The graphical technique which implied to show the multiverse was enchanting with the radial 3D effects, the 4K projection gave more alluring attraction. How the graphical team forged the villains through these computer-generated techniques will make us amazed, it’s moreover like coercing us to rectify the brilliance and commitment, I wonder how these Production houses make these jobs easier compared with other film industries. It’s a heavy job but they easily make us convincing, the fantasy doesn’t get absurd, the computerized visuals was having a solitary strength to make us believe with their theories. Another winning zenith is its mesmerizing 3D effects,  eighty percent of the 3D effects in the film offer many special wow factors for the viewing experience, doesn’t matter whether it’s action or graphics, pinpoint effects are added at the right time, gifting some surprises for our eyes. The team who had choreographed the action sequences also did an honest job to make thrilling moments, matching the action style to set the avatar of Spiderman. The costumes of Spiderman and Doctor Strange look cool as usual and also the costumes of several villains were harmonized to set the negative villain touch.  The sound effects were daring to set an additional impact on the ears, the mixing of sounds and surrounding effects were magical for the ears and mind in the vowing experience. 


So Spiderman: No Way Home was a fantastic experience, the story, the making, the performance of actors and the technical side make this movie stunningly brilliant. For the fans of Marvel, the movie offers bundles of surprises to cherish; no doubt every single Marvel Fan will be delighted after watching this. I enjoyed every single bit of the film, the thrill, and excitement that the movie gave me through the big screen is something I can’t express through my words, should experience it. Therefore I will strongly recommend Spiderman: No Way Home to everyone for those who wish to have a spectacular cinematic experience, it’s a visual treat for Spiderman Fans, never miss it from the theatre. 

•VERDICT: The best film on Spiderman Franchise. 

• RATING: 4.5/5

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