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Rorschach Review; A gripping psychological thriller RATING: 4/5

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ONE WORD: A gripping psychological thriller. 

LANGUAGE: Malayalam 

RELEASE DATE: 07/10/2022

DURATION: 02 Hours 30 Minutes

DIRECTOR: Nissam Basheer

GENRE: Psychological Mystery Thriller. 

STAR CAST: Mammootty, Grace Antony, Sharafudheen, Bindhu Panicker, Jagadeesh, Kottayam Nazeer, Sanju Shivaram and many more.

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Mammootty Kampany.  

SCRIPT: Sameer Abdul.

DISTRIBUTED BY: Wayfarer Films. 

MUSIC DIRECTOR: Midhun Mukundan.


EDITOR: Kiran Das.

PRODUCED BY: Mammootty.



The brilliant performance of Mammootty. 

The direction and the making quality. 

Interesting Story. 

Engaging screenplay. 

Performance of actors. 


Music and background score. 


Colour grading. 



Slight lag in the second half. 

Duration of the film. 

•Detail Explanation and In-depth REVIEW: 

What’s the Story: 

Rorschach starts with the central character Luke Antony. He walks into a police station and tells them that his car had gotten into an accident and his pregnant wife is missing. Police officers and local people will start searching for the missing wife and no one will find any clue. Days and months later the police won’t be able to find his wife. So Luke will decide to stay in the village and he strongly believes that his wife is still alive. During the incident and search Luke will meet Balan, and it will lead to many unexpected twists and turns. 

Detail Review:

The first positive thing about the film Rorschach is the making and direction of Nissam Basheer. The entire making of this film was crammed with proper quality, we will be stunned by seeing the making style. The way of direction and the making methods was having predominant quality and the direction had won to make a great influence. The premise of the story, the occurrences in the plot and the mood of this film is amazing, I felt like I was there. The direction of Nisaam Basheer didn’t give me any chance to feel lag, I was engaged with the film. The thrilling elements in the film are plenty, and the mood which I felt while watching this movie was different. I can strongly say that the direction of Nissam Basheer had successfully done justice to the script. The entire making was held as per the story and screenplay and I didn’t feel the making had got any kind of diversion or off-balance. 

The plot of this movie was also great, it was replenished with various emotions and the happenings in the story have the power to amuse us. The ongoing situations in the story were cleverly written by Sameer Abdul and the brilliant screenplay had done total complete justice to the story. From the very beginning till the end, the movie gives a vibe of mystery, a mysterious feel and what’s next made me curious. In the screenplay, the connecting factors to the next incident have lots of surprising factors, and those unexpected turns made the viewing experience more energetic. The incidents in the film have detailed explanations, there are lots of happenings and none of them confused me. Every scene was correlated perfectly and scene by scene the connecting links to the ultimate climax hooked me up. 

Nissam Basheer had cleverly stuck to the script and the different approaches he made in his making style and had exhibited his clever thinking and skills. The scene in which he shows the flashback and how he connects it to the present scene was executed brilliantly. The ideas and aptitudes of modern filmmaking were seen in the making style of Nisham Basheer and I’m sure he can produce more interesting films in future. How the director carried out and maintained the mood of this film deserves special mention, till the end the movie flourishingly gives an intense dark mysterious and psychological feel. That mood is balanced till the last scene and it was a demanding factor for this movie. So without making any compromises the director Nissam Basheer had given the right set of moods and didn’t forget to thrill and engage us. 

The movie is compressed with many emotions, how it is portrayed and how it is injected into the characters is also another winning highlight. It was like an emotional roller coaster, the speedy moments were vibing with unexpected emotions and the slowing moments were giving normal emotions. What fascinates me was the drastic and sudden character change in the character of Mammootty, his behavioural changes and the psychological imbalances was lifting the film to a great level. His character was written out beautifully, what he thinks and what he does was mysterious. The things his character does will thrill and entertain us because his character is plugged with many surprising hidden trails. The secrets are unfolded one by one and each one of them was written and directed effectively by the makers. 

Till the first half, we will be more curious to know the actual intention of the character played by Mammootty. His motives and plans will engage and the flashback which connects with him will give us a clear-cut idea about his master plan. The ending of the first half was promising and the whole first half was giving out a feeling that something big and unusual is going to happen. The excellent first half was giving me hope for a good second half and the second half was more gripping. The actual story, the subplots and when the hidden truths are exposed the movie was getting more exciting and I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. The climax and the twist and turns, in the end, were shocking, both the writer and the director had given a convincing and satisfying climax. Therefore, the intense direction and the solid script of Rorschach worked out successfully and the movie had given me a great and gripping cinematic experience. 

The top-notch performance of Mammootty is another winning factor of the film Rorschach. It was like a one-man show, the entire performance of Mammootty was stunning and he had given his full best for the character. The acting was intense and the way he lived up to the character was making the movie more engaging and thrilling. The way Mammootty had undertaken the character and how he expressed the various emotions will make you wonder. The psychological imbalances surrounding his character and the mysterious feel around his character were beautifully played by Mammootty. The dialogue delivery was sharp and flawless, depending on the type of situations he delivers the dialogues with the correct timing. His powerful voice was also dominating and his facial expressions had given more attraction to the scenes. His action sequences were stylish and the emotional scenes had also given a great impact. It’s a character which is matching for his looks and personality and the stylish costumes and dress had given more beauty to the character. Without any doubt I will say the character Luke Antony is one of the best in his career and hats off to his brilliant acting.  

Grace Antony as Sujatha did a notable performance, the acting was natural and the combination scenes with Mammootty worked out very well. The dialogue delivery and the way of expressing the emotions were correctly handled by Grace Antony. Bindu Panicker as Seetha was outstanding, her character is surprising and towards the end, her role and acting will blow our minds. Her looks, expressions and the shocking traits in her character are something big, the overall performance of Bindu Panicker was mind bowling. Sharafudheen as Satheeshan, Jagadeesh as the police officer, Kottayam Nazeer as Sashankan and Sanju Sivram as Anil also performed well, their supporting characters were crucial and till the end, they maintained their performance with authentic acting. The screen presence of Asif Ali as Dileep was nice and his in-between appearances were having good thrilling and psychological moments. 

The technical quality of the film is superb, and the music, cinematography, editing, artwork and costumes were very much impressive. The background score tuned by Mithun Mukundan was flawless, the BGM had helped to lift the mood of the film genuinely. The thrilling scenes had the right tunes to give excitement and the background tunes at the psychological scenes of Mammootty had given a great impact. The cinematography of Nimish Ravi was outstanding, he perfectly gave the right set of moods through his visuals. The dark and grey set of colour tones and the village premise in the plot were captured authentically and the visuals were having the strength to draw my attention. The action sequences were captured stylishly, and the camera movements during the fight scenes made the scenes look different. The lighting was also unique and the indoor scene looked matching the situation.  The editing of Kiran Das was having neat cuts and the overall length of the film didn’t give lag or bore. The artwork and the house in the film were nicely constructed and it looked natural.


So overall to conclude the film ‘Rorachach’ had given me a pleasing and staying cinematic experience because of the brilliantly executed script and direction. The performance of Mammootty is a treat to watch and I’m sure the psychological mind games and the mysteries in the film will give you a different and unique experience. Therefore, I will strongly recommend this mystery psychological thriller to everyone, and it’s a kind of film which should be watched in theatres.



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