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Prince Movie Review; Pathetic and boring

Prince Movie review

Prince Movie Review; the movie is boring and it has got an outdated cliché scripted story that tests everyone’s patience.

Review for PRINCE


•Language: TAMIL

•Duration: 02 Hour 23 Minutes. 

•Genre: Romantic Comedy Drama. 











ONE WORD: Pathetic and boring. 


Anbu (Sivakarthikeyan) is a cool and silly social science teacher. He lives with his father Ulaganathan (Sathyaraj). His father is patriotic and the people in his village respect his father very much. His father was a freedom fighter and he follows straightforward thinking and doesn’t believe in caste systems. Soon Anbu will fall in love with his new colleague named Jessica (Maria Ryaboshapka) who teaches English. They will decide to marry each other but many unexpected problems will stand as obstacles to their relationship. 


The film ‘Prince’ is written and directed by Anudeep K.V. The film is produced by Suniel Narang, D. Suresh Babu and Pushkar Ram Mohan Rao. Sree Venkateswara Cinemas and Suresh Productions handle the production and the film is distributed bySuresh Productions and Gopuram Cinema. With a running time of 143 minutes, the movie is currently running in theatres with a U/A censor certificate. 

I love to watch Shivakarthikeyan movies because the content in his films is always enjoyable. The commercial elements, the jolly celebration and the colorful visuals and his screen presence is fun to watch. His recent films like Don and Doctor are the best examples, they also performed well at the box office. So for the film ‘Prince’, I was having some kind of expectations but unfortunately, the movie was big-time torture. The whole movie was crammed with the worst direction, poor script and an unconvincing way of storytelling. The entire film is senseless, with no proper continuity and what the film is trying to convey was making me angry, I felt irritated. The inexperience of the writer and director can be seen here, I think he was too much overconfident. The basic story itself was baffling with routine cliches, everything from the beginning to the end was testing my patience. The predictability in the storyline was also making the viewing dull, what is going to happen next is easily understandable. 

The screenplay was miserable, I can’t believe that Shivakarthikeyan and the investors had said yes to this utter crap of nonsense. In the screenplay, there were no emotions at all, it has got a good social message but how Anudeep KV portrayed it will make you angry. The theme was strong enough and the premise of the story was promising for a good commercial entertainer but the making and the writing went upside down. The outdated way of direction by Anudeep KV was boring, if this film was released 20 years back maybe it could have been a hit. The direction was struggling to maintain good continuity, and the connections to the next scene looked awful. How he presented this film and how he established the character was not at all justifying. There was no logic, no good reasons, no solid proper explanation, it felt like the director was forcing us to believe all his foolishness. To be frank, I couldn’t connect with the film, the poor direction hasn’t made me engaged. 

Now I am getting a headache when I think of the outrages made in the name of comedy. All the comedy tracks in the film were exaggerated, it doesn’t even match the occurrences. In the beginning, the comedies worked here and there in a few places but they failed to give proper laughs. I found the climax quite annoying because instead of convincing, the director was making it more complicated. 

Each of the scenes leading up to the climax didn’t grab my attention and the storylines leading up to the final climax didn’t feel appropriate. The happening and occurrences in the screenplay looked amateurish, and it was crammed full of cliche scenes. The romantic scenes of the hero and heroine were unsatisfying, how they fall in love and how they face complicated situations were poorly written and directed. The father-son relationship track was supposed to create an impact but it was also not utilised effectively. In the name of comedies, they spoiled many good potential scenes. 

The performance of Shivakarthikeyan is the only decent thing in this film. I am not fully convinced with his performance but his screen presence was the only factor which helped me to complete this film. Usually his movies are fun to watch, but due to the bad direction and script his performance also looked dull. Only a few comedies of Shivakarthikeyan had worked nicely and also his father-son relationship scenes were also ordinary. The combination scenes with the foreigner actress Maria Ryaboshapka also had less chemistry. The performance of Maria Ryaboshapka was not convincing, her way of speaking and facial expressions was moderate. Her dialogue delivery didn’t look natural and the dance moves on the song also looked poor. Sathyaraj as father was annoying at many points, his humor and dialogue delivery was struggling to match the situations. He was having more screen presence than Shivakarthikeyan but the screen presence with the flat comedies had given a boring experience. Premgi Amaren with the negative shade character also delivered a mediocre performance, the villain’s shade and it’s personality was missing on his entire acting. So the performance of the The actors in the movie were normal, nothing great to mention.

The music composed by Thaman S was good, and the soundtrack of the film had decent songs. The situations for the songs were cliche but still the songs looked nice. The song “Bimbiliki Pilapi” sung by Anirudh Ravichander, Ramya Behara and Sahithi Chaganti was rich with energetic beats. The voice of Anirudh and the dancing steps of Shivakarthikeyan made the song appealing. The song     “Jessica” sung by Thaman S was also having the cool dance moves of Shivakarthikeyan and the vocals of Thaman S were also fair. Manoj Paramahamsa could have done his cinematography better because most of the frames and the placement of the camera didn’t look nice. The song Jessica was elegantly captured, and the camera movements used to show the dance moves of Shivakarthikeyan were good.  The overall duration of the film was too, I wish Praveen K. L. could have trimmed many scenes. The overall duration of the film was too much. I was wondering why this movie is not ending. I think Praveen K. L. had forgotten to trim many unwanted parts. All the set work used for the songs by the art department was poor, and felt artificial. 


So overall I don’t recommend the movie ‘Rajakumaran’ to anyone because this movie has the worst direction and screenplay. The only saving grace is Sivakarthikeyan’s performance and screen presence. The movie is boring and it has got an outdated cliché scripted story that tests everyone’s patience.  Also, Anudeep KV’s direction was pathetic and his style of direction had given me a horrible experience. So I kindly advise you to stay away from this nonsense and save your valuable time and money.



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