Nomination For Oscar Is An Answer For Many Rumours :Salim Kumar

The Oscar stage has given Salim Kumar an opportunity to answer many rumours that back stabbed “Adaminde Makan Abu”. He added that there were many pseudo comments raised when the movie reached the market. Being a low budget project the movie was not much commercialised and as a part of this. It was not much accepted by the audience. But it is a surprising factor that the movie was nominated for the Oscar. It’s a well recognition for such a movie. Here the saddest part is that, Salim Ahmed the director of the movie is humbly requesting the Government and other film associations to financially help the movie to reach Oscar. The approximate expenditure for this would be 2crore which is a hard part for the director alone. Press Show publicity is taking the movie to Oscar. Salim Kumar, the hero and the National Award winner has put his hands forward to take the movie to its deserved heights.

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