Mohanlal Under Threat : Indian Army

The only star of Malayalam Film industry who is honoured with the Lieutenant Colonel’s Rank by the Indian Territory Army is undoubtedly Mohanlal. But now, two television ads presented by Mohanlal has turned to be a treat to the actor as he appeared in the army uniform provided to him by the army. Its been reported that the actor have allegedly misused the uniform for the commercials of Kerala Government in the name of tourism promotion. The provided uniform is only supposed to be worn on special occasions along with the Army personnels. Such an honour is only given to India’s leading sportsmen including Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Kapil Dev, Abhinav Bhindra. Such an honour is given to those who prove to be the role models and encourage youth of the Country to join the army. But here, the actor have used his honour for commercials purposes and said to have received lakhs as his fee. As an explanation for this Lal has confessed that he had only used the uniform he had worn for the malayalam movie “Kandahar” and not the official one and not have he misused the honour givent o him nor he had received am amount as fees. Even though the actor had given an explanation he is under the strict watch of the Central Government. If his mistake is proved all the honouraries will be taken away from the actor as punishment.

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