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Within hours of taking office, the prime minister resigned

Magdalena Andersson

Stockholm: Sweden’s first female Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has resigned. This is in the wake of the budget failure in Parliament within the appointed hours. The 54 – year – old Magdalena’s resignation was prompted by the failure of the finance bill and the withdrawal of Green Party support from an earlier alliance. Her ally, Green, is also out of the minority government. The government’s budget proposal was rejected in favor of the opposition, which includes the right-wing Swedish Democrats. Andersson, who was finance minister before becoming prime minister, is a member of the Social Democratic Party.
In a 349 – member parliament, Magdalena won 117 votes in a last-minute political deal with the Left Party over a pension increase. 174 people voted against. However, a minimum of 175 votes is required to reject the nomination. Former Swimming Champion Magdalena entered the political mainstream in 1996 as an adviser to the Prime Minister.

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