Uthra murder case; Cobra’s DNA will be examined

Uthra murder

Kollam: DGP says it will examine the DNA of the snake who bit Uthra in the Uthra murder case. The remains of a snake found in the house of Uthra’s Anchal have been unearthed. However, the DGP said the snake’s DNA was being tested to ascertain whether the snake had bitten the body. The test will be in Hyderabad or Pune. The DGP said that the charge sheet will be filed with all scientific evidence within 90 days.

The bite wound and snake’s teeth on the left arm of the Uthra will be compared. The process is being led by Forest Range Officer BR Jayan.

The snake was taken out and a morning autopsy was conducted. Meanwhile, Suraj’s mother and Uthra’s baby have returned to Suraj’s house in Adoor. On the recommendation of the District Child Welfare Committee, the parents of Uthra took Suraj home and take over the child.


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