Uber India fired 600 employees


New Delhi: The COVID 19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown have put companies in crisis worldwide. In many cases, employees have been paid salaries or lost their jobs. At present, Uber India has sacked 25% of its employees. About 600 employees of Uber lost their jobs.

Uber India also confirmed that it will cut one-fourth of its employees after cutting a third of its online travel services. Ola laid off 1,400 employees.

There is no ambiguity as to when the company will be able to recover from the impact of the COVID 19, said Uber. President Pradeep Parameshwaran said that this would bring about 600 employees including drivers and all other operational staff. Some of our colleagues are stepping out of this Uber family. “Today is a very sad day for us,” he added.

In an email sent to employees, the company said the layoffs are part of global job cuts already announced by the company and are being phased out.

US-based Uber Technologies has already laid off 23 percent of its workforce. 6700 people lost their jobs. Of these, 3700 were laid off this month.

All employees will receive a minimum of 10 weeks’ salary, medical insurance coverage, and placement support for the next six months.

The decision comes just days after the country was in the fourth phase of lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Similarly, the world is now worried about the consequences that other companies may be thinking.


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