Residents in Poonthura protests violating COVID protocol


Trivandrum: People protesting in the COVID Super Spread area Poonthura violating COVID protocol. The protesters alleged that the spread of COVID in the area was false propaganda and that all the cases reported in the area were given in the name of Poonthura. People took to the streets saying that the police would not allow them to buy food.

Despite reports from COVID not only in Poonthura but also in Manikyavilakam and Valiya Palli, the locals complained that strict control was imposed only in the Poonthura ward and even essential items were not available. According to the complaint, the police did not permit to even go to the shops in the nearby area and buy goods. This is the reason for all the walkouts and protests against the police.

Adjacent is a densely populated coastal area. The district administration and the health department estimate that the risk of the disease is very high.

The situation in Poonthura is in critical condition. Officials say there is a possibility of a super spread here. With this, vigilance was tightened in Poonthura. As part of tightening control, 500 policemen, including commandos, were deployed. Fishing boats are banned from entering and leaving Tamil Nadu.