Like HIV, Corona Virus cannot be completely eliminated; WHO

Corona Virus

New York: World Health Organization says the coronavirus cannot be completely eradicated. The virus is likely to remain in all places where people live, such as HIV. The WHO said that restrictions such as lockdown cannot eliminate COVID completely.

“COVID cannot be completely wiped off the face of the earth, Mike Ryan Said. The WHO warns that some countries have announced lock-down concessions. Through collective efforts, we can control the virus. COVID is developing more than 100 vaccines, worldwide. Some are now in the clinical trial.

We have detected Vaccine for a measles-like disease, but have not been able to wipe it out completely. After a long lock-down period, many countries are returning to normalcy by taking care of the former. Many countries have adopted a way of surviving the virus by taking preventive measures to survive the economic crisis that is causing the lockdown.


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