The CBI will now look into the Life Mission Scheme

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Kochi: The CBI will probe the controversies related to the Life Mission contract. The CBI has registered a case in connection with the Red Crescent scam. The CBI has filed a case in a special CBI court in Kochi. The CBI had earlier started collecting preliminary information related to the project.

The state government reached an agreement with the Red Crescent on July 11, 2019 to build 140 flats on 2.17 acres. As agreements with foreign countries are included in the Central List, the MoU requires the approval of the Center. Neither the Consulate nor the construction company Unitak has the authority to enter into contracts without central approval.

Under the subsection of the MoU, the construction contractor is to be selected by the State Government and the Red Crescent. However, the MoU and the rules were subverted and the construction contract was awarded to Unitak. The agreement was signed by the Consulate General and the unit. Anil Akkara MLA lodged a complaint with the CBI SP at the Kochi unit alleging corruption in the Life Mission project. The complaint alleges that the agreement with the Red Crescent was illegal.