The dropout rate in Karnataka increases; One MLA also resigned


New Delhi: The Congress again hit back at the last attempt to retain the government. One more MLA has resigned today. Roshan Beg, MLA, suspended from office was resigned today.

None of the efforts of Congress to avert the crisis have been effective. Though the legislative party convened, no rebel MLAs took part. The Congress, which gave a whip to attend the meeting, is likely to call for a disqualification. Even so, the government will fall into a minority.

Thirteen MLAs have resigned. Their resignation has not yet been accepted by the Speaker. Speaker Ramesh Kumar will review the resignations today.

In an attempt to bring back the resigned MLAs, all members of the HD Kumaraswamy ministry resigned. The ministers resigned, saying they were willing to give ministerial posts.

The whereabouts of the MLAs who left Bengaluru are unclear. This is very disturbing to the Congress. Earlier reports said he had flown to Mumbai. Following this, Congress leader DK Sivakumar was on his way to Mumbai. But it is not clear where in Mumbai. With this DK Shivakumar is returning to Bangalore.

Meanwhile, there are reports that they are moving to Goa.

The BJP calculates that, in the 224-member Karnataka Assembly, the Congress-JDS alliance has 118 support. If 13 people resign, the majority in the House will drop from 113 to 105. With this, the 105-member BJP will be able to come to power with the support of two independent MLAs. After the by-election, the BJP’s plan is to win the others.