Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s a two-day visit to Brazil is over


New Delhi: The Prime Minister’s two day Brazil visit is over. The Prime Minister also addressed the BRICS Chamber of Commerce. He also communicated with the New Development Bank, which was formed by Countries of BRICS. The Prime Minister later tweeted that the BRICS summit was positive. Effective discussions have taken place in trade, innovation, technology, and culture. Future targeted actions will lead to greater cooperation between the BRICS countries and thereby benefit the people at large. The Prime Minister said innovative ideas are the basis of development and pointed out that more cooperation should be made between countries for this purpose. He said the next 10 years should work towards increased cooperation. Narendra Modi stressed the need for an efficient and effective BRICS system. Prime Minister has invited Indian businessmen from the BRICS countries to invest in India. India has political stability and an investment-friendly atmosphere. Terrorism is a major threat to peace and progress, the prime minister said in the conclusion of the summit.


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