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Karipur plane crash Investigation report citing pilot error

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New Delhi: The pilot of the Karipur plane crash was found to have erred in following the procedure, according to an investigation report. In addition, the investigation report states that there are 16 reasons behind the accident. The report highlights poor human resource policy, poor crew resource management, lack of climate change notifications, and lack of plane landing guidelines.

There were 190 people on board at the time of the accident. Twenty-one people were killed and several others were injured, including two pilots. Air India Express B737-800 crashed while landing at Kozhikode International Airport on August 7 last year. The plane, which was coming from Dubai, overtook the runway at Kozhikode airport and crashed into pieces.

A year after the crash of the Air India Express, the report said, “The accident was caused by the PF (pilot flying – the pilot who flew the plane) not following SOP (standard procedures).”

“The pilot who flew the plane continued its unstable approach and went beyond the touchdown zone,” the report said. “Halfway down the runway, despite the call to ‘go around, it failed to comply,” the report said.

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