India records highest Covid-19 recovery; recovery rate touches 86.17 percent


New Delhi: COVID cure rate in the country is 86.17%. More than 60 lakh people have been recovered from COVID. According to the Ministry of Health, India has the highest number of cases. Meanwhile, the number of COVID victims in the country has crossed 70 lakh. COVID confirmed 74,383 new cases in 24 hours.

Meanwhile world recorded more than one million new cases of the coronavirus in the last three days, as one-day records for new infections were set in France, Russia, Nepal and several U.S. states, and as India surpassed seven million total cases.

The number of new cases is growing faster than ever. Deaths and hospitalizations in some countries are also beginning to rise. The pandemic has sickened more than 37 million people and more than one million people have died globally, reports say.