Delta Plus is more dangerous: Central Government

Delta Plus

New Delhi: The Union Ministry of Health has said that the Delta Plus variant of Covid is a matter of concern. Kerala, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh have been warned to beware of Delta Plus. The Ministry of Health has also directed expedite preventive measures, testing, and vaccination in the districts and clusters where the variant has been reported.

There have been 22 reported cases of Delta Plus in the country. The central government had earlier said that Delta Plus was not a cause for concern.  Health experts say Delta Plus has been reported in people who have been vaccinated, but the vaccine’s immunity has not been surpassed and no deaths have been reported.

Delta Plus is by far the most dangerous of the coronavirus variants that have appeared. It can spread rapidly and spread easily through the air. Also confirmed in children over 12 years of age. It was first discovered in Europe last March. The Department of Health in England later clarified that this was from Nepal.