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Covid Hospital Discharge Policy Renewed; Minister Veena George

Thiruvananthapuram: Health Minister Veena George has revised the discharge policy of hospitals in the state. The discharge policy is renewed according to the severity of the covid disease, with mild symptoms, moderate symptoms, and severe ones. Rapid antigen tests may not be negative for discharge in people with mild symptoms. Patients with symptoms should be monitored at home for 7 days from the time they begin to show symptoms or when patients without symptoms are confirmed by covid. In addition, home observation can be terminated if there is no fever for three consecutive days.

While at home monitoring should be monitored for any signs of danger. Walk test should be done for 6 minutes daily. If you see danger signs or your oxygen level drops below 94% at rest or after 3 minutes of walking and your oxygen level drops below 3% from the baseline, report it to the toll-free number Direction 104, 1056 or the discharged hospital.

Those with mild illness can be discharged if their health is satisfactory. Within 72 hours without the use of antipyretic drugs, the patient can be discharged into the room Isolation, CFLTC, or CSLTC in case of fever, shortness of breath, lack of oxygen, smooth blood circulation, or excessive fatigue.

Rapid antigen testing should be performed on the 14th day after the onset of symptoms in patients with severe disease, HIV positive, organ transplant recipients, cancer patients, immunosuppressants, or those with severe kidney and liver disease. If the result is negative, the patient will be discharged within 72 hours without the use of antipyretic drugs, with no fever, shortness of breath, no need for oxygen, and good blood circulation.

In case of ill health, admission to covid ICU or Non-covid ICU depends on the physical facilities of the hospital. If the Rapid Antigen test result is positive, it will be tested every 48 hours until it is negative and when it is negative, it will be discharged. If a person with mild symptoms is admitted to the hospital with no fever within 48 hours and his or her health is satisfactory, he or she may be discharged for follow-up at home with instructions to monitor for danger signs.

Critical patients can be admitted to CSLTC if their health improves before 14 days and antigen testing can be done on the 14th day. People from all walks of life should wear the N95 mask for the next 7 days after discharge and follow the covid guidelines. Patients whose antigen test remains positive after 20 days should be given a sample for genetic sequencing.

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