Demolition of the Maradu flat; Centers for the blast have been determined, mock drill tomorrow

Maradu flat

Kochi: Centers have been set up for a controlled blast in Maradu flat. Final blast safety inspections completed for all four flats and three control rooms for blasts have been set up, said authorities.

The control room operates for AlphaCare and H2O Flat is in Marad Municipality, Private Building for Jain Flat and Water Transport Office for Golden Lake.

The Mock drill to ensure safety arrangements will be on tomorrow. Final inspections of the peso have been completed in places where explosives were placed in four demolition flats – H2O, Alpha-Serin Twin Towers, Golden Lake, and Jain Kayaloram.

The blast sites were also identified. The blasting shed of the H2O is located at the beginning of the Kundannur Bridge from the National Highway Bypass. The explosion took place in the carport of a house about 100 meters to the right of the Golden Lake Flat. The IOC team evaluated the safety of homes near Alpha Serin and the safety of pipelines near H2O.


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