80 passengers died in Shramik train: Railway Police

Shramik train

New Delhi: Railway police say 80 people have died in the month of Shramik trains launched to repatriate guest workers during the Coronavirus outbreak. Of the guest workers who traveled on Shramik trains, 80 have already died in the country.The railway pointed out that the congestion on the train passenger, the problems of availability of food, and the excessive heat caused the death of the guest workers. The railway points out that the deceased guest workers are in treatment and have serious health problems. Therefore, the Indian Railway has issued guidelines for travelers who are pregnant, children under the age of 10, and those with serious health problems. According to Indian Railways, over 5 million workers were able to use the Shramik trains on 3,840 trains between May 1 and 27. Smart Investors Railway Board Chairman, who pointed out that each death is an irreparable loss, said that the railway would be able to stop the train and bring them to the hospital. It is being prepared. He said this at a news conference. But the accusation that guest workers died due to lack of food is baseless. Yadav said he would respond to the matter once the death toll is available. About 80% of Shramik trains are operated in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in India. The Shramik service was launched in the country from May 1 to return guest workers trapped in the COVID crisis. The number of cases reported in Bihar, Odisha and West Bengal have increased with the return of large numbers of guest workers. India has over 1.73 lakh confirmed cases of coronavirus The country recorded 4,900 deaths.


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