Permission for registration of BS4 vehicles stopped due to lockdown

BS4 vehicles

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has allowed the registration of BS4 vehicles sold before March 31. The action was taken considering the argument that these could not be registered due to lockdown. The petition was filed by the Federation of Automobile Dealers Association. The court ruled that the provisional registration on the e-vehicle portal would be allowed. Vehicles from areas other than Delhi-NCR where BS4 vehicles are not allowed to be registered can be registered with it.

This ruling only applies to vehicles that have uploaded details on the government’s vehicle portal. In March 2020, the FADA told the Supreme Court that there were about seven lakh unsold BS4 vehicles. That includes 15,000 cars and 12,000 commercial vehicles. Of these, details of 39,000 vehicles have not been uploaded on the e-vehicle portal. Therefore, in the new situation, the registration of these vehicles will be in crisis.

On March 27, the apex court had allowed dealers to sell BS4 vehicles for 10 more days, which expire on April 1. BS4 vehicles were allowed to be sold for another 10 days after the lockdown. However, the court later revoked the permit and barred the registration. The move follows a finding that the waiver order was being abused by dealers.

After March 31, only BS6 vehicles were allowed to be sold in the country. But COVID 19 announced a nationwide lockdown on March 25 as part of the defense. Due to this, the court had allowed the sale of 10 percent of the lost BS4 vehicles for six days. It was extended for another 10 days following a request from dealers in the wake of the closure.