Xiaomi with a new electric scooter, 120 km from a single charge – 32,000

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Xiaomi is looking for miracles in the automobile market. Chinese automobile company Xiaomi has come up with an eye on the world’s largest e-vehicle market after seized the Indian Smartphone market. The automotive world had previously seen the ability of the Xiaomi to produce more value-added products at lower prices.

The company introduced a HiMo C20 electric cycle at an average price of $ 375 (about Rs 26,000), giving a hint of upcoming Xiaomi magic. Xiaomi HiMo C20 is capable of reaching 80 km at a single charge. The company currently has a new electric scooter with Himo T1. Price is 450 dollars.

The Xiaomi HiMo T1 scooter in India will be priced at Rs 31,477, including the levy. The new Xiaomi scooter’s come with innovative features. The full LED headlamp and fully digital instrument cluster is the feature of HiMo T1. The scooter displays a lot of details like battery status, speed and time.

The 14-b battery that is capable of boosting 672 Wh energy. In addition, the optional is to select a battery capacity of 28 Ah with capacity. The standard 14-inch battery unit is capable of reaching 60 km at a single charge.

HiMo T1 is capable of reaching up to 120 km in a single charge of 28 AA batteries. Contemporary predictions, as seen in regular scooters, are ahead of Xiaomi Himo T1. The suspension of double coil orders on the rear.

In the previous tire, the scooter is only available on the drum unit. There is a regenerative breaking capacity scooter. This means that the energy generated during the breaking is stored in the battery unit. The maximum speed or weight of the Xiaomi T1 is not revealed.

The Chinese government wants to have at least 25 kilometers per hour and weigh about 55 kg for electric two-wheelers. Only the models will be eligible for sale in China. The model is currently sold in the Chinese market. At the same time, the company has a choice to buy HiMo T1 from Xiaomi’s website.

Xiaomi HiMo T1 - Kerala9.com
Xiaomi HiMo T1 pics - Kerala9.com
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Xiaomi HiMo T1 in India photos 001 2 - Kerala9.com
Xiaomi HiMo T1 in India photos - Kerala9.com
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