US lawmakers have introduced a bill to ban TikTok


Washington: US Senator Marco Rubio has introduced legislation to ban the Chinese social media platform TikTok in the US. The bill is based on national security threats. The bill is the latest move in the US against a company owned by Chinese tech giant ByteDance.

Senator Rubio accused the government of not taking any steps to protect American users from the threat of TikTok. The app has been used to manipulate feeds and influence elections. No more time to waste on pointless negotiations with a CCP company. Rubio also said that it is time to ban TikTok, which is controlled by Beijing.

Chinese law requires Tik Tok’s parent company to hand over users’ data to the Chinese Communist Party. Rubio also accused it of posing a major security threat. Last month, the FBI chief expressed concern that China could use the app to influence and control users. Many US states have banned the app from government devices.