Rescue from air pollution; Xiomi’s’ Mi Airpop’Anti Pollution Mass launched in the Market


A mask which helps you from air pollution has launched in the markets. It can make defence from cold, flue pathogens, the smoke etc., company claims.

Chinese electronics giant Xiomi has come up with the device to save the people from raising environment pollution. The company has introduced Anti Pollution Mask with 4 layer security. The name of the model is called the Mi Airpop PM 2.5.

The first layer is resistant to dusty dust particles. The second is the electrostatic microprocessor system designed to resist over of 0.3-micrometer particles. Finally, the water’s permeable layer is designed to combat sweat. All these also have a skin-friendly 3D design at the air-pop.

 AirPap Anti Polishing Masks available in Xiomi’s official website, Price: Rs 249.