Download your documents soon; Google Plus is shutting down


Google’s social networking site Google Plus is shutting down because not in use by the people. Google Plus service will be available only till April 2, a company release said. Last December Google released the hints.

Google is back to alert its customers to download all the pictures and files stored on the platform. Google has announced that it will start to destroy all the files and images and videos that are on the site from April 2, except that images are transferred to Google Photos.

Months are expected to come in for the process so as to avoid data from users around the world. From Monday, we cannot create a new account on Google Plus. This includes Google Pages, Communities and Events. Google Plus can download and save the data uploaded by Google Plus Community from the community if it is owned or moderated by the community. The work of communities will be disrupted by the end.

Buttons, including the Sign In Plus button, will still be visible for a while, but not functional.