Thottappan Review : A decent watchable family drama

thottappan review -

(Spoiler Free)

•Language: Malayalam.
•Genre: Family Drama.
•Duration: 02 Hours 20 Minutes.
•Theatre: Carnival Cinemas Kollam
•Status: 50%.


1: Direction
2: Dialogues
3: Performance of Actors.
4: Music and Background Score.
5: Technical Aspects.

1: Predictable Story
2: Screenplay.

ONE WORD: A decent watchable family drama.

Thottappan revolves around the life of Itthaque and Jonappan who are partners in crime and lives as a thief. One day Jonappan found missing and Ittahaq decides to take care of his friend’s daughter named as Sara. Gradually Sara and Itthaque got a special bond of a daughter and grandfather. Rest of the story revolves around the happenings of their life.

The movie Thottappan is directed by Shanavas.K.Bavakutty who is known for his first film Kismath which was released in 2016. In his second film, he joins with the popular actor Vinayakan and Roshan Mathews.

Shanavas.K.Bavakutty made a quality direction from the beginning to the end and his realistic way of making style was good. The story of the movie was on a similar pattern and the screenplay was not that great. Although the director Shanavas.K.Bavakutty had given his best effort to end the movie as watchable.

The direction held by the director Shanavas.B.Bavakutty gives the film to move accurately from the starting without giving any sort of confusion and also the director had worked well to portray the life of the central characters effectively as per the story.

The film largely focuses on the life of the central characters, therefore, the director and writer had eminently represented their real life and also the director successfully used the acting talent of the lead actors which gives a vibrant life and a career-best performance to the actors.

The story of Francis Noronha is all about the pure loving bond of a daughter and grandfather which will definitely hook the viewers to watch till the end. The story is simple and when the movie travels to actual plot the ending was predictable.

The screenplay was written by PS. Rafeeque and the screenplay were having the mixed factors of parenthood, situational comedies, romance, stunts, lust, betrayal etc so each of these factors was written to engage the audience but still, the screenplay writer could have put little more effort to make the story engaging and thrilling. The major twist and turn in the movie happening to the central character and its further situations were bit unsurprising and predictable which turned out less engaging.

The observant dialogues in the film were interesting because the communication between the character was having a realistic sort of approach and also the naturalistic conversation had given a different feel. Also, the catchy conversation had built a soulful momentum in the emotional and crucial scenes which were engaging.

Overall the making of the director was fine but the predictable story and half baked screenplay made the movie as a mediocre watchable film.

Thottappan comes with the casting of Vinayakan and Roshan Mathews playing the lead character, along Dileesh Pothan, Manoj.K.Jayan, Lal, Priyamvada, Regunath Paleri, Manju Pathrose, Master Davinchi, Sreeja Das, Irshad Ali, Sunil Sukhada, PS. Rafeeque and Prashanth Murali join in the casting.

Vinayakan as Itthaque had delivered another outstanding performance. The movie was all about his interesting screen presence and the acting which he executed was spectacular. The way he presented the character ‘Itthaque’ was really natural and realistic. His exceptional acting from starting to end definitely deserves huge applause because he was living as the character for giving a striking performance. The emotional scenes held by him was really affectionate and the various emotions he undertook for the character was mind-blowing. The dialogue delivery of Vinayakan was remarkable as usual and the intensity of delivering the dialogue especially when he gets angry and sentimental was top class. Moreover, the naturality and terror behaviour in his character was acted out skillfully. Like I said Thottappan is all about the one-man energetic show of Vinayakan.

Roshan Mathews as Ismu also made a notable first-rate performance. His acting on romantic scenes was superb and also his emotional scenes were also at first-rate. Roshan also shines in his stunts and his combination scene with the actress Priyamvadha was gratifying to watch. Also, his paired scenes with Vinayakan were terrific and powerful.

Priyamvadha Krishnan the debutant actress who played the character ‘Sara’ made an awesome performance. Her combination scenes with Vinayakan shows the real emotion of parenthood. Also, her emotional scenes and dialogue delivery were also good and the romantic scenes with Roshan were also upstanding. Her anger scenes were also superb.

Dileesh Pothan as Johnappan, Manoj.K.Jayan as Peterachan and Lal as Anthrappan did their respective supporting characters brilliantly.
Master Davinchi who did the character Joymon also did a noteworthy performance.

Irshad Ali as Moideen Kanne Ravuthar, Sunil Sukhada as Pili, Prashanth Murali as Booby, Binoy Nambala as Barnard and P.S Rafeeque as Saviar was having some crucial characters with less screen presence and they did total justice to their particular roles.

The musical work for the film is composed by Leela.L.Girish Kuttan and the background score is composed by Justin Varghese.

The song ‘Pranthan Kandalin’ sung by Pradeep Kumar and Sithara Krishankumar was excellent by the imposing tunes and voice of the singers and also by the lyrics of Anwar Ali. The other song ‘Meene Chembulli Meene’ sung by Nikhil Mathew was romantic with delightful fresh tunes and lyrics of PS. Rafeeq.

The background score tuned by Justin Varghese was unbelievable because each and every background tunes he composed were perfectly matching to pass the vibe and feel for the viewers. The BGM at emotional scenes were also sentimental and also the background score for the romantic scenes had given the right contact.

The Cinematography of Suresh Rajan was beautiful with fabulous visuals of natural beauty and backwater locations. The camera angles he places for the fight sequences were at top-quality. The visuals for the song ‘Meene Chembulli Meene’ was captured appealingly and the various close-up shots also deserve special mention. The underwater sequences were also captured amazingly. The Editing of Manoj Kannoth was fine with quality cuts that don’t give any sort of mismatches in the viewing experience.

The Art Department had also done a splendid job according to the story and its screenplay. The sets were good and logical and also the costume designer Nisar Rahmath had given the correct costumes for the character as per the plot.

So overall Thottappan is a decent watchable family drama and the agreeable performance of Vinayakan won’t disappoint any viewers for a one time watch and also watch it with fewer expectations.

VERDICT: Above Average
RATING: 3/5.