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Super Sharanya Review: A watchable flick with romance and comedies


Review for Super Sharanya: 

•Language: MALAYALAM. 

•Duration: 02 Hours 41 MINUTES 

•Genre: Comedy Drama

•Theatre: JB Cinemas Nallila. 














ONE WORD: A watchable flick with romance and comedies. 


Super Sharanya tells the story of Sharanya who comes from Palakkad and studies engineering in Kochi. Due to the ragging she finds it difficult to adjust with the new premise but soon she makes a great bond of friendship with her roommates and with her classmates. What makes her uncomfortable in the college is the attraction of three persons towards her, one is her lecturer Arun Sir, another is her senior Ajith Menon and the last is her classmate Sangeeth. These three of them love Sharanya but she doesn’t like anyone Super Sharanya tells the story of Sharanya who comes from Palakkad and studies engineering in Kochi. Due to the ragging, she finds it difficult to adjust with the new premise but soon she makes a great bond of friendship with her roommates and with her classmates. What makes her uncomfortable in the college is the attraction of three persons towards her, one is her lecturer Arun Sir, another is her senior Ajith Menon and the last is her classmate Sangeeth. These three of them love Sharanya but she doesn’t like anyone. So one day during an outing with her friends she accidentally meets Deepu, an unemployed youth. He was attracted by seeing Sharanya so he finds her details through Instagram and sends a friend request. Soon both of them get close to each other and fall in love but some unexpected happenings will come into their lives and the rest of the story unfolds these various happenings. 


Super Sharanya is written and directed by Girish AD who had previously directed the hit film Thanneer Mathan Dinangal. The movie is produced by Shebin Backer

Girish AD under Shebin Backer Productions and Stuck Cows and is distributed by Central Pictures. 

Thanneer Mathan Dinangal was one of the best movies I enjoyed watching in 2019, it was a splendid movie that gave many nostalgic memories of schooling. Now the director Girish Ad is back with Super Sharanya following the same formula of Thanneer Mathan Dinangal with slight changes. The main success of Thanneer Mathan Dinangal was its making, the direction of Girish Ad was superb and as a newcomer, he made an awesome entertaining film. So when Super Sharanya was announced I was excited to see the film because of the director. The expectation which I had on Girish Ad’s making made me book the tickets for Super Sharanya but unfortunately, the final result was not great, doesn’t disappointed but not fully satisfied. 

His direction and his making were enjoyable but his writing had followed the same track of his last film. In Super Sharanya the script is entitled with the teenage romance and its various happenings with the additional element situational humour and this was the pattern which we saw in Thanneer Mathan Dinangal. The main difference between Super Sharanya and Thanneer Mathan Dinangal is the age difference and the school romance was changed into a college romance. The basic outline of the two movies felt usual but the characterization and the premise brings a new experience. The story focuses on the central character Sharanya and deeply takes us into her college life, her romance, her friendship and her emotions which were entertaining to watch.

The writing of Girsh Ad was on a proper balanced level but nothing new was offered, the whole story and the ending was predictable. Also, the screenplay lacked the sparkle of his first film, one can easily understand what will be the next thing and also the reasons behind all the happenings doesn’t create an impact. I am not saying that the screenplay was dull but it could have been written more elegantly with a new phase. The various characters in the Super Sharanya were giving the memories of Girish Ad’s first film, he made the male characters change into the females with new behavior but the motives of these characters were the same which we saw in Thanneer Mathan Dinangal. The relationship issues which the film opposed was also not effectively portrayed, the reason behind the fight between the lovers looked shoddy. The explanation could have been written better, their fight and the reasons behind it felt cliche and childish, also their shown incidents which lead them to make a break up was not properly convincing. The film was having a longer duration of two hours and fifty minutes and this big-time was not properly used, towards the end for a satisfying climax the writer should have been focused more on the screenplay to fetch some extra detailing.  

The first was gripping with funny and entertaining comedies, many moments to laugh were authentically brought on the making. Those comedies matched the situations and the college life and its various associated events were enjoyable to watch. The second half deeply makes the way show to the relationship of Sharanya and Deepu and it is crammed with their romance, fights and solving of issues. From the second half, the direction and script get flattened, making it less interesting and it was dragged with unnecessary scenes. Also all the connecting scenes to the climax was not justifying the good first half and the climax ended with a melodrama style without making any surprises.

The lecture character Arun Sir and the senior character Ajith Menon were entertaining and at the same time irritating. The way Girish Ad wrote these characters needs improvement, there were many annoying things done by these characters that were completely out of sense at many points. A lecture loving student was seen in many movies but in this film, how this character is approaching and how he expresses his love looked pathetic. The mannerism of a lecture was also not shown appropriately, his way of speaking and his looks and his motives were disgraceful to watch. I am sure it was meant for making humour but at some point, it was disturbing to watch. Next, which makes highly resemblance to the character of Arjun Reddy was the character of Ajith Menon. The character borrows the looks and dialogues of Arjun Reddy and adopts all the things which Arjun Reddy does which was like overdramatic stuff. But still, Girish Ad had made some incredible writing for the female characters. The characteristics of Sharanya Vasudevan and her female friends were beautifully written, their friendship and bond were lovely to watch till the end. 

So overall the making of Girish Ad was smooth which went pretty good for a lengthy duration but the glittering making of his first movie was not effectively seen in Super Sharanya. Although the movie is credited with several happenings and all these occurrences come suddenly to lead the plot forwards so how the director Girish AD organizes these incidents systematically deserves mention. Nothing gets off-balanced, everything goes smoothly till the end, therefore, the direction doesn’t make any boring mood, still, the length of the movie is higher but we won’t feel much lag in the viewing experience. The writing felt normal and the screenplay was missing some surprising elements but yet the thoughtful writing of comedies made the movie watchable till the end. 


The movie comes with the casting of Anaswara Rajan, Arjun Ashokan, Mamitha Baiju,  Naslen K. Gafoor, Vineeth Vishwam, Sajin Cherukayil, Vineeth Vasudevan and many more. 

Anaswara Rajan as Sharanya Vasudevan and Arjun Ashokan as Deepu stole the show. Both of them were outstanding and delivered a brilliant performance till the end. After watching the trailer I was sure that Anaswara Rajan was going to rock and without making any errors she delivered a classy performance. Her natural way of acting was incredible and she maintained it flawlessly. Her innocence and sensitive behaviour were cute to watch and matched perfectly for the character. Arjun Ashokan as Deepu also recited a noteworthy performance. His way of telling the dialogues and the timing in it was excellent and also the natural way of having the conversation was pleasing to watch. The romance was safer on his hands with many pretty smiles and the expressions he showed were precise. 

The way Anaswara Rajan and Arjun Ashokan expressed their emotions was remarkable especially when it comes to their combination. In case of getting angry, their angry face was stubborn, their romantic face was handsome and also their sentiment face was emotionally captivating so their chemistry had honestly worked out with many positive factors. So both of them had given their best to make Super Sharanya entertaining and deserved applause for their performances. 

Namitha Baiju as Sona Thomas did surprise with a powerful performance. Her comedies and her screen space with Anaswara Rajan was super, showing a great friendship with many beautiful moments. Her whole performance was realistic and her cool and daring attitude was attractive to watch. Naslen K. Gafoor as Sangeeth shines by giving the best humour, his expression and the timing in passing the dialogue was matching to set the scenarios, his climax surprise was unexpected. Vineeth Vishwam as Arun Sir did a fair performance, as a lecture he maintained the seriousness of the character. Vineeth Vasudevan as Ajith Menon was great, his personality showed the attitudes of Arjun Reddy and the performance with some situational humour was indulging to watch.  Sajin Cherukayil as Abhilash, Varun Dhara as Varun and Manikandan Pattambi as the father did complete justice to their respective supporting characters. The combination scene of Sajin Cherukayil and Varun Dhara with Arjun Ashokan was filled with the elements of entertaining comedies. 


The musical work for the film is composed by Justin Varghese which includes the songs and background score. There are three songs in the film and all the three songs were wonderful to hear. The first second called ‘Ashubha Mangalakaari’ sung by Sarath Chettanpady, J’mymah & Meera Johny was nice to hear with its unique tune. The voice of the singers was matching and the rapping lyrics stood high to set for a good catchy song also the lyrics of Suhail Koya deserve special mention, lyrics were funny to set the premise. The second song called ‘Shaaru Shaaru’ sung by Meera Johny, Justin Varghese & Hafsath Abdussalam K P was amazing, the beats and the modulation of the changing tone was wonderful. The lyrics of Suhail Koya and the voice of the three singers gave a different feel. The third song ‘Pachapayal’ was fine, not bad, the lyrics could have been written better. The background score of Justin Varghese was outstanding, especially the background score in the second half. The romantic scene in the car was beautifully integrated with a heart whelming background score. Also in the comedy scenes the background score was lifting to help the situation nicely. The cinematography for the film is made by Sajith Purushan and edited by Akash Joseph Varghese. The cinematography was brilliantly taken especially the visuals of the collage and the shots of the college festival had brought many memories. The closeup shots which used to take the emotions of the character was impressive, the acting skill of the lead actors was genuinely captured. The editing of Akash Joseph was steady with perfect cut and mismatches was not fey also the transition of scenes went perfectly. 


So overall to conclude Super Sharanya was an above-average experience, the comedies and the performance from the lead actors makes the movie entertaining. The screenplay by the director Girish AD had made me remember his first film Thanneer Mathan Dinangal, it simply follows the same style. The storyline is predictable and the duration of the movie could have been shortened but still due to the proper direction and by the joyful comedies, Super Sharanya is a decent choice for a time pass. 


•RATING: 3/5

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