Mikhael Movie Review : A decent action family drama for a one time watch


*Language: Malayalam.
*Genre: Action Family Thriller.
*Duration: 02 Hours 30 Minutes.
*Theatre: Inox Cinemas.
*Status: 70%.


1: Direction.
2: Performance of lead actors.
3: Cinematography
4: Music & Background Score.
5: Technical Works.

1: Predictable Story.
2: Average Screenplay.
3: Opening Titles.

•ONE WORD: A decent action family drama for a one time watch.

The story of Mikhael story tells about two families. Dr John Mikheal acts as an angel to protect his family. Rest of the story describes how Mike protects his beloved sister from a family feud.

The movie is directed by Haneef Adeni after his directional debut hit movie The Great Father.

In Mikhael, he joins with the young star Nivin Pauly to establish a spectacular mass action film to entertain. A unique way of presentation and different making style was witnessed in the first movie of Haneef Adeni and the same pattern was also evident in his writing in the movies like ‘The Great Father and Abhrahaminte Santhathikal. Therefore when it comes to Mikhael his second directional movie Haneef Adeni once again followed his same making and writing style which makes the movie a decent action film.

The story is also written by himself and the plot of the movie follows the same pattern he did in his first film ‘The Great Father’. The plot of the movie strongly revolves around a teenage girl and the troubles which she faces and as a protector, the hero arrives to face and solve the upcoming situations. This was the pattern we witnessed in the first movie of Haneef Adeni. In Mikhael also the same model and way of storytelling are used but the way he executed the film with his screenplay and dialogues made Mikhael as a one time flick.

In the story, more importance is given to various emotions. The love of a brother and sister and the affection of a father and mother towards there child is portrayed intelligently. Further, the storyline moves to actions with revenge punches.

The story doesn’t offer anything new rather than family emotions followed by its revenge and gang wars. The story is predictable from the mid but the movie is engaging till the end. The way the director had written the screenplay could have been done much better because the skilful writing and the brilliance of Haneef Adeni were missing. The heroism of hero and villain couldn’t give the targeted punch to pass out the real impact. If the screenplay could have been done much better the movie could have been completely a wrote watch the film. Sadly in between the film, a sort of lagging was felt.

Importantly there were chances to create lots of confusion when the movie tracks to the main plot but the maker had done a decent job to write the screenplay but still, the writings lack the impact and punches. But still, the movie is still watchable until the end with entertaining actions. Interestingly the director had successfully used the potential of the actors like Nivin Pauly and Unni Mukudan according to the story and screenplay. The Subplots like flashbacks are also well written without making confusing.

The screenplay written by the director was having the merging elements of actions, sentiments, humour, various emotions, revenge etc, so each of these elements was written without missing the grip of the movie. The situations and incidents in the story converge with a twist and turn and by the decent making, the movie Mikhael clearly and cleanly completes its running time of nearly 150 minutes.

Moreover, the dialogues of the movie written by Haneef Adeni was extremely vivid and intense because the conversation in the movie given by the characters has the rightful and authentic feel to give out the mass.
Therefore to conclude Haneef Adeni’s direction with the stunning performance of Nivin and Unni makes Mikhael as a watchable action film.

Mikhael teams up with huge star casting which includes Nivin Pauly and Unni Mukudan playing the central characters. Manjima Mohan plays the main female lead following with the actors like Siddhique, Sudev Nair, Suraj Venjaramood, Babu Antony, JD Chakravarthy, Kalabhavan Shajon, Renji Panicker, Ashokan, K.P.A.C Lalitha and Shanthikrishna.

Nivin Pauly as Dr John Mikhael gives an another best performance. As a hero, the way he acted out was having a genuine depth. His seriousness and boldness on the character were superb. The emotional scenes were also great. He also did a great job on his action sequences. Overall in the performance of Nivin as Dr John Mikhael, a profound quality was witnessed.

Unni Mukudan as Marcho Jr was delivered a ravishing performance. As a villain, he was amazing to portray his negative shade character. He was stylish on his outlook and the action sequences he performs was glaring. Unni had maintained the intensity of a villain perfectly throughout the movie.

Manjima Mohan as Mary was not having much to perform but still did a good job.

Siddique as Geroge Peter was fantastic. The way he handled the emotional scenes were really sentimental. Moreover, he portrayed the different shades in his character amazingly.

Suraj Venjaramood as Issac shines by his remarkable performance. Sudev Nair as Francis Davi was also good with his outlook and stunts. Ashokan as Antony and JD Chakravarthy as Muhammad Issac did a notable performance.
K.P.A.C Lalitha as Mariam and Shanthikrishna as Ancy also did total justice to their respective characters. Babu Antony also did a good cameo appearance.

The musical work of Mikhael is composed by the hitmaker Gopi Sundar. The song ‘Novinte’ sung by Sithara Krishnakumar was melodious with touching emotional lyrics written by the lyricist Harinarayanan. The Background Score tuned by Gopi Sundar was terrific to produce the right impact to build heroism for the central characters. The BGM for the action sequences was sturdy and also for emotional sequences the tunes were having the sentimental feel. Gopi Sundar once again proved his excellence in making the well-built background scores.

The cinematography is handled by the Vishnu Panicker who had amazingly captured the action shots and its frames. The various camera movements for actions and the dark shades of frames was captured brilliantly. The shots in the rain were also impressive. The editing of Mahesh Narayanan was perfect with right cuts without feeling any mismatches. The action choreographer and art department also deserves big applause. Also, a big thumbs to the costumer Stephy Zaviour for bringing out the best and stunning wardrobes.

So to conclude the movie Mikhael had given me an average experience by its half baked story and screenplay but overall the movie is a decent action family drama which can be a good choice for a one time watch.

•RATING: 2.5/5.