Malik Malayalam Movie Review

Malik Malayalam Movie Review
Malik Malayalam Movie Review

Review for MALIK:

•Language: MALAYALAM 

•Duration: 02 Hours 42 Minutes.



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A classic movie of terrific making and brilliant performance. it’s a must watch.


Malik is written and directed by the well-known filmmaker Mahesh Narayanan who is famous for his hit works like Take Off and C U Soon is now back with a bang. The story, screenplay, and editing are also handled by Mahesh Narayanan. The movie is produced by Anto Joseph under the production company of Anto Joseph Film Company. Can’t Varghese is behind the cinematography and Sushin Shyam does the musical work. The movie is currently streaming online through Amazon Prime Videos. 


 Malik revolves around the life of Sulaiman Malik who is an uneducated businessman. The film showcases from his birth to his death, he is a unified leader among the people of Ramadapalli.  From his childhood, he started to get involved in various crimes and does many illegal actives like smuggling. He decides to relinquish all the criminal actions and choose to go for Hajj. On the way to the airport, he gets arrested for a murder which he has been involved in a year’s ago. His mother who is not on good terms with Malik agrees to testify against him also the police authorizes decides to kill him inside the jail. While his wife Roseline tries all her best way to keep him out of Jail, so will Malik survives and can the police kill him is the rest of the story which is unfolded by various past and present incidents. 


First to begin with why Malik had turned out into a must-watch cinematic experience is all due to the passionate filmmaking of Mahesh Narayanan. The prior credits are in his courts, from the direction to the writing everything was mesmerizing, the execution was cleverly and masterly done. The real backbone of this film is the clear and sharp writing, the story was amazingly written down without falling into any kind of mistakes. The accurate way of writing the screenplay had also made complete justice for the film. Like I said the spirited way of writing was magical, as a story based on true events the organizing way of writing these facts into a fictional one was conforming to the actual sense which one can relate into.   

The surprising element I liked in the script of Mahesh Narayanan is he takes enough aspire time to indicate and exhibit the plot, by stimulating from numerous true incidents the ongoing film with various events are genuinely justifying his inspiration and this process can make an interesting connection with the viewers which will eventually lead them to contrive within the film. The rationalizing way of telling the story will also be intriguing from beginning till the end because of all the reasons that steer the events are leading to a promising and convincing ending. The way the writing fips into a thriller style are also spectacular, the thrilling components in the the film gives a manner of exiting existence and the gripping way to know what is next is also thrilling. I am sure that Mahesh Narayanan had the patience especially when he pens down because the movie is crammed with multiple circumstances so the chances of having an unbalance were plenty but unfortunately, his strong patience and comprehensive writing made the screenplay indisputably brilliant and equivalent. 

The dialogues were exceedingly powerful; a right manner of dominant strength was seen in the words which will surely give an overwhelming feeling for viewers. Also, the strapping conversations held by characters were having a predominant power to construct the circumstances which will help to catch up with every single audience, moreover, these appealing dialogues will also help if someone felt any kind of laziness, which I haven’t felt any sort of lagging. The way of writing techniques that Mahesh Narayanan used to depict the emotions was superlative. The various kind of emotions such as mother-son parenthood, friendship, love, care, betrayal, and sorrows was mysteriously used and thus helped more to realize the life and happenings in screen. 

The top-notch making was vivid, the whole direction held by the maker was excellent. Interestingly, in his direction Mahesh Narayanan had once again used the acting talents of every actor. The unique acting skills which we can find in Fahadh Faasil were actively used in the whole process and it’s evident. The movie also comprises many and many actors and junior artists so the vision and insight of Mahesh Narayanan are clear, the arranging and advising ideas given by him implies his clear insight and vision on how to organize a large-scale movie. His dedication and commitment to bring out something interesting was also keen, his idea of showing the lengthy shingle shot nearly to 12+ minutes was unbelievable. The way he makes the connection to the viewers is something indescribable because there is a scene at the end showing a massive gunshot and the central character carrying his dead son ok his shoulders in between the violence was so heartbreaking to watch. Like these, there are plenty of scenes that make the proper connection which is surely rare to witnesses. I can confidently assure you that Mahesh Narayanan can sense the pulse and needs of the audience because he had got the thoughtful strategies to pull the attention of the viewers, by the experience one can never turn back their eyes while seeing Malik’s life. The display of struggles and pain in the life of oppressed people and their society was shown genuinely which made me felt that some relevant things must be done to avoid certain bais.


The movie comprises the actors like Fahadh Faasil, Nimisha Sajayan, Vinay Forrt, Dileesh Pothan, Joju George, Divya Prabha, Indrans, Dinesh Prabhakar, Salim Kumar, Rajesh Sharma, Jalaja and many more. Fahadh Faasil who played the central character Malik did a complete remarkable job. He just once again proved his versatility in delivering the natural way of acting and behavior. The modulation he uses to perform according to each scene was given out drastically without any sort of fault. His portrayal of various kinds of emotion was a treat to watch, if the scene is demanding a kind of emotion he gives his best. Whatever the scenes are it’s safer on his hands, especially when it comes to the emotional scenes. If not having any dialogues his face speaks with the treaty skills, his eyes show the intense and his profound looks delivers the accuracy. All in all, it was absolutely a complete package of amazing acting talents. While watching the film I was shocked by the precise dialogue delivery, nothing gets drawn away, he speaks and bursts out in the right manner according to the scenes. On the other hand, Nimisha Sajayan who does the Roseline character, the wife of Malik was outstanding throughout the film. The space she shares with Fahadh was compelling to watch, the way she handled the character was genuine, and the tones of seriousness were seen on her entire performance. Her emotional scenes in the second half were sentimental and realistic and the romantic scenes with Fahadh were also adequate. Vinay Forrt as David who did the supporting character delivered an incredibly satisfactory performance. His dialogue delivery was notable especially when it comes to the anger scenes. His way of presenting the dialogues with many characters according to the various type of scenes was stunning. Dileesh Pothan as Minister P.A Aboobacker did a terrific job, his way of acting at the time of negative shades was amazing. Also, his combination scenes with Fahadh, Nimisha, and Vinay Forrt were captivating to set the level. Joju Geroge as Anwar Ali the Sub Collector also did a prominent job, his important character was handled perfectly by Jojo, the mannerism of a Sub Collector was dealt with accordingly. Jalaja as Jameela was surprising, she did the mother of Malik character which was powerful, her combination scenes with Fahadh showed the affectionate relationship of a mother and a son. Indrans, Rajesh Sharma, Divya Prabha, Salim Kumat, and Dinesh Prabhakar did complete justice to their respective roles.


Looking into the technical division the whole movie gleamed differently into a unique zone, especially the rightful cinematography and sharp editing. The music and background score was outshining to set the circumstances. The genuine work of art direction also made the movie build various time periods also the costume designers’ equitable work of giving proper wardrobes also made the characters looked genuine according to the various years. The cinematography from Sanu Varghese was trembling all over with the vigorous visuals, his various camera angles, different types of shots and close-ups had played a huge role in maintaining the impact of the film. The wide-angle shots were highly impressive, close up shots of the camera which focus to capture the emotions of characters were undertaken beautifully. The lengthy single shots deserve huge applause and the lighting arrangements were perfect. The editing by the director Mahesh Narayanan was gripping and fascinating. The cuts were exact, none of the scenes hasn’t given any kind of mismatches.  The gradients used in different kinds of scenes were also impressive. The music and background score tuned by Sushin Shyam was prominently matching with the premise of the film. The background scores were conforming to every kind of scene, importantly the background tunes at the crucial scenes had helped to assemble the right emotions and curiosity. A particular background score he had made for the climax emotional scenes was pleasing to hear also the bgm tunes at the actions scenes were creating the right mood in the viewing experience. The song “Theerame” sung by K.S Chitra and Sooraj Santosh was melodious and the mood of romance was strong. The Art Director had also done a fabulous job, the different sets were fitting the various periodical times and look realistic.  


So overall to define Malik in one word it’s a must-watch film which will definitely satisfy any kind of viewers. It’s a movie of authentic and drastic filmmaking, full score perfections, and marks to the entire cast and crew. The extraordinary performances from the lead actors, spellbinding direction, the mesmeric way of writing, and irresistible technical brilliance of Malik is delighting treat to watch which also makes the movie one of the best films of this year. Malik is a kind of movie that one should never miss, give your time and witness a wonderful cinematic experience. 



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