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Bheemante Vazhi Review: Engaging and entertaining with the best realistic comedies

bheemante vazhi review



•Language: MALAYALAM. 

•Duration: 01 Hour 55 Minutes.

•Genre: Comedy Drama

•Theatre: GMAX Cinemas Kollam. 











• ONE WORD: Bheemante Vazhi is engaging and entertaining with the best realistic comedies. 



The story focuses on the life of Sanju and his neighbours. The way to his home is narrow, to pass a bike it’s a tough task so this extremely narrow path is surrounded by many houses. On a rainy night, Sanju’s mother will fall and her leg will get fractured, due to the severe pain Sanju’s mother won’t be able to walk. So due to the narrow way Sanju and his friends were forced to lift her mother in a wooden chair. The car to take Sanju’s mother is at the beginning of the narrow road so due to the heavy rain, they find it extremely difficult to carry his mother. After getting discharged from the hospital, Sanju will learn and understand the importance of a large way, so he decides to widen the path with the support of his neighbours and municipality. After the work was in progress some unexpected events will come as an obstacle so will he be able to complete the path is the rest of the story. 


Bheemante Vazhi js was directed by Ashraf Hamza who had previously directed the hit film Tamasha. The story, screenplay and dialogues are written by the actor Cheman Vinod Jose after Angamaly Diaries. The movie is produced by Chemban Vinod Jose, Aashiq Abu and Rima Kallingal under the production company of Chembosky Motion Pictures and OPM Cinemas and the movie is distributed by OPM Cinemas. 

The first positive factor I liked in the film is its running time, a simple plot was told in a systematic manner and the duration was perfect without making it more complicated. The way the movie travelled into a safe climax was giving an impressive viewing experience, the humour was according to the situations, the small surprising turns were pushing the film forward and the adding of emotional factors were gratifying to watch. So the making style of Ashraf Hamza was simply powerful, the direction was having the right realistic manner which will help the audience to connect with the story and with the characters. 

The plot is something that can happen in most of the neighbourhood, so what are all the events connecting to the story, how the problem will be solved and who all will interfere and what will be the ultimate result was told in an orderly manner. Here the writer Chemban Vinod Jose had done some tremendous job, the methods or the strategies he had used in the screenplay was entertaining. How Cheman Vinod relates the events in the story and screenplay were making the job of the director easy because the written way he followed was on the steady level, scene after scene the whole premise of the film was having the right connection, none of the incidents from the beginning till the end haven’t faced any sort of off-balance of diversion from the actual plot. 

The story and screenplay are crammed with funny situational based humour but in between these comedies, Chemban Vinod had added some brilliant emotional factors showcasing the emotion of real one-sided love. The pain after understanding that he or she is not loving us as we loved was shown wonderfully in the script, it was written authentically according to the situations. These emotional scenes don’t make any diversion from the actual subject, it was placed at the right moment and had given deserved importance, and hasn’t over boosted the sentiments. The element of lust is playing a crucial role in the script and was also told properly, an inappropriate or substandard feel was not felt, vulgar dialogues or vulgarly made scenes were not added which was good. The romance, the grief of one side love and the pain of a broken love was also told accurately according to the situation without getting diversion from the main plot, so these additional occurrences written in the story and screenplay offers an engaging feeling in the viewing experience. 

In the writing the characteristic quality given to both the male and female characters was interesting. Kunchacko Boban is back to do a romantic role and his character ‘Bheeman’ has the quality of a nice helping guy. But the inner shade on his character and his perspective against women when it comes to relationships was wonderfully written by Chemban Vinod Jose. The character Bheeman is not emotionally attached with women, he fall in love with different age group for his sexual needs and as a village guy he think more like a city minded person which makes it different for Kunchacko Boban for performing. The importance given to the female character was also formulated well, sufficient space to perform was given on the script. The counselor role played by Divya M Nair, railway engineer role played by Mega Thomas, an educated modern thinking girl who is the neighbour of Bheeman played by Vincy Aloshious and the judo instructor played by Chinnu Chandini was having equal importance in the script, therefore for both the male and female actors a strong character was given with some challenging attitudes and manners. 

So the script favoured the direction of Ashraf Hamza, the style he followed on his previous movie Tamasha was impressive and the same lite touch techniques and methods was used in Bheemante Vazhi. He directed the movie like a simple one and the whole making was predominantly carved according to the writings. None of the scenes went contrary, each and every thing was up to the script which helped to maintain the impact of the screenplay. Till the end a proper flow of an engaging viewing experience was given by the film due to the practical making therefore I loved the brilliant execution of Ashraf Hamza, done complete justice to the script.  


The movie comes with the casting of Kunchacko Boban, Cheman Vinod Jose, Chinnu Chandini, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Jinu Joseph, Vincy Aloshious, Nirmal Palazhi and Naseer Sankranthi. Kunchacko Boban as Sanju also called Bheeman did a fantastic job. What I liked most is the way he hid the character, his character is filled with many good and bad sides. So how Chakochan portrayed some particular emotions was wonderful to watch. His character thinks differently when it comes to the ladies, his perspective and his approach is fishy so this shady and dubious touch on his character was acted out accordingly without getting any off-balance from the script. The sorrow and sentimental scene were acted out genuinely by him and the dialogue delivery was enacted with the best timing. Jinu Joseph normally appears as villains or characters having a negative touch but in Bheemante Vazhi his character is filled with many surprising factors. Among those factors his situational humour was striking as the best, his way of telling the comedies and the way he speaks naturally was genuine like happening in real life. His extraordinary timing in telling the dialogues was surprising, doesn’t matter what type of scene, if it is anger it bursts out naturally and if it comes to the humour his modulation in his voice will bring some funny laughter. He stole the climax with his chilling performance, his anger and his activities to do what he thinks is right at the end was entertaining to watch. In Bhemante Vazhi also Jinu Joseph is doing the negative role and he gives his best which made himself an attractive villain but the humour element which was filled in his villain touch made his character look differently. Vincy Aloshious as Blessy did a notable performance, her smile and the way she talks also few combination scenes with Kunchacko Boban was good to watch. Meghan Thomas as Kinnari did a significant performance, the romantic shade on her character was matching with her acting. Her outlook was attractive and toned with the style of a Kannada girl. Her elegant smile and the mix of Kannada slang with Malayalam peered to the scenarios. Also the emotional face after an important scene was exceptional, broken love and its pain were accurately seen on her face.  Divya M Nair as Councilor Reetha also did a stiff performance, her powerful voice was the highlight and her serious way of speaking as a councillor was good. Also, Divya M Nair shines amazingly at the dialogue delivery and the timing was crystal clear. Naseer Sankranthi as Gulaan Paul, Binu Pappu as the auto driver, Shabareesh Varma as Bekkinakannu Rajendra and Suraj Venjaramoodu as Darsus were having an important role to perform with situational humour and they acted out seriously with them perfect timing in telling the humour dialogues also everyone’s performance was also incredible. Chemban Vinod Jose as Mahirshi also called Ravanan was like a silent killer, he comes and goes with many important surprises and turns. The combination scene of Kunchacko Boban and Chemban Vinod Jose was interesting to watch, their climax was thrilling to watch also the scene in which Kunchacko Boban share his sorrow to Cheman Vinod tells and portrays some inner side of romantic relationship which was like an eye-opener. 


The musical work for the film is composed by Vishnu Vijay which includes the background score. I was not pleased with the two songs in the film. The tunes were not that great, didn’t get into the vibe of the music director. Not the song, the background score was also average. So sadly for me, the musical composition of the film by Vishnu Vijay didn’t impress me much. The song called ‘Oruthi’ sung by Vishnu Vijay was just ok which matched the situations to set the premise of romance, but the tunes were not pleasant to hear. One more song was in the first half, it was also terrible, some sort of matching was there for scenarios still the way the song was tuned felt dreadful. The lack of some good background score was felt in the majority part of the film, at some crucial scenes the tunes were moderate. There was a scene of romance happening between Chackochan and Mega Thomas, it was having a crucial turning point but the background score which the composer implemented after some dialogues doesn’t give any sort of impact. Also, the climax has some humour elements and the background score used for it didn’t match well to evoke laughter. So the background score, as well as the songs, were average in my viewing experience. 


The technical division had done an impressive job to make the movie look technically good. It was simple work with the best effort, the premise of the movie only demanded reasonable work and everyone behind the camera had done a neat job. The cinematography by Girish Gangadharan was excellent, the shots and the frames were holding the film to movie smoothly.  The rural areas were taken systematically with many noteworthy frames also how Girish Gangadharan had maintained the visuals to set the local surroundings according to the script needs special mention. The scene of the hospital emergency was taken lustrously without any flaws, the struggles of characters were having a depth, and the visuals were faultlessly sinking to show the importance of a long path. Also, the camera movements for that scene was shocking, a realistic feel was able to be seen on the big screen. The climax portion was also shot beautifully, the camera movement used for depicting the stunts was taken without any single error. Another important aspect of cinematography is the close-up shots, there were some beautiful close-up shots which used to capture the emotions of the characters. The romantic scene of Kunchacko Boban and Mega Thomas was shot gorgeously resulting in showing a nice romantic angle. Also, some of the closeup shots were delightful to watch, the emotions in their face and eye were captured accurately to show the importance of the scene. Yep lighting techniques at the indoor and outdoor scene especially the night scene was at the right balance. The editing by Nizam Kadiry was wonderful, the cuts and transitions of scenes gave the feel of a neat movie. I couldn’t feel any mismatches in the viewing experience, cuts were at the perfect place and the transition of the scene was satisfying. Also the few gradings given to some particular scenes were also amazing.  


So overall I will recommend Bheemante Vazhi for those who love to watch a simple comedy film. It has the best entertaining situational humour which is worth watching with your family and friends. The script by Chemban Vinod Jose and the direction from Ashraf Hamza is extremely powerful so their way of making will help the audience to easily connect with the premise of the film. The story and the ending is predictable but still, the funny situational comedies and the finest humorous performances from actors will entertain you for a big time. 


RATING: 3.5/5


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