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777 charlie review ; ‘777 Charlie’ offers an unforgettable journey of love and affection

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ONE WORD: ‘777 Charlie’ offers an unforgettable journey of love and affection. 

  • Language: Malayalam Dubbed (Original Language is Kannada) 
  • RELEASE DATE: 10 June 2022. 
  • DURATION: 166 Minutes. 
  • DIRECTOR: Kiranraj K. 
  • GENRE: Adventure Comedy Drama. 
  • STAR CAST: Rakshit Shetty, Charlie as the dog Charlie, Sangeetha Sringeri, Raj B. Shetty, Sharvari, Bobby Simha, Vijay Vikram Singh and many more. 
  • PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Paramvah Studios. 
  • STORY BY: Kiranraj K. 
  • DISTRIBUTED BY: Prithviraj Productions (Malayalam), Stone Bench Films (Tamil)
  • MUSIC DIRECTOR: Nobin Paul. 
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY: Aravind Kashyap. 
  • EDITOR: Pratheek Shetty. 


What’s GOOD

  1. The screen presence of the dog Charlie 
  1. The performance of Rakshit Shetty. 
  1. The combination scene of the dog Charlie and Rakshit Shetty. 
  1. The making style of Kiranraj K. 
  1. The interesting Storyline with many good touching moments. 
  1. The engaging screenplay. 
  1. Cinematography
  1. Background score and songs. 
  1. Editing.
  1. Locations. 

What’s BAD

  • Lengthy Duration.  

Detail Explanation and In-depth REVIEW

What’s the Premise: 

Dharma (Rakshit Shetty) is a person with no emotions, a bachelor who lives alone and doesn’t show any kind of affection. One day a labrador will appear on his doorstep, at first, he will make him go away but slowly during the process of getting rid of the dog he will start to get an emotional connection with the dog. Quickly the dog and Dharma will share a great bond and he will name the dog Charlie. But soon Dharma will come to know that Charlie is fond of something and also an unexpected problem will occur. The rest of the story is all about the emotional and affectionate journey of Charlie and Dharma. 


1: The first positive thing about this film is the dog called Charlie, the screen presence of Charlie was wonderful. The love and affection of Charlie were heart whelming, the love of a dog towards his master was beautifully seen with many touching moments. All the scenes in the film with Charlie were having a dominating power to make an influence and I was easily able to connect with the premise of Charlie. All the scenes of Charlie which show affection will melt your mind and every single viewer will surely love Charlie. 

2: The combination scene of Charlie and Rakshit Shetty is another highlight, how they meet and how they are getting close to each other offers an engaging experience. The altruistic love of Charlie and his adoring love was giving a brutal power to the viewing experience which will make you fall in love with Charlie. How Charlie and the character Dharma establish their relationship is a treat to watch, from hate how the character Dharma is getting close to Charlie was beautifully shot. Their sharing of love was giving correct emotional attachment, and how Dharma started to love Charlie was having a detailed explanation to convince the viewers. The chemistry between Charlie and Dharma had brilliantly worked out, their love, care, affection and problems were realistically shown so I was easily able to acknowledge their emotions. 

3: The direction of Kiranraj K. deserves huge applause because he had amazingly executed the entire film by maintaining the correct emotion. His making was strong enough to contrive my mind and through his clever filmmaking, I felt he was taking us into the world of Charlie and Dharma. After watching the film, I wondered how difficult it would have been for him to make this film, and I deeply respect his passionate commitment and his patience. The direction was steady and it accurately followed the story and screenplay and the way of execution was precise without making many errors. The climax was fantastic, and the various unfolded events throughout the second half were making the right connection for a sentimental ending. While watching the film the visionary of the director Kiranraj was evident because his ideas and his way of directing the film was showcasing the strategies he had made. The momentum that the film maintained and continued till the end has crammed with the scenes that were having the power to make an impact. After all the emotional scenes as a viewer, I was getting the feeling of pure love and affection and it was all because of the intense making.

4: The script by the director Kiranraj is also stunning, the story and screenplay were excellent. The script was totally vigorous to make us involved, and the fun-filled moments in the story and screenplay will make us engage without being bored. At first, the character Dharma doesn’t know how to look after a pet, so his suffering and the happenings of torture given by Charlie are fun to watch and the mix of humourous situations was blended nicely into the script. Slowly when Dharma started to realise the love of Charlie the totality of the script was changed into another zone, from there, Kiranraj concentrated to bring out the emotional elements. So the change of tone in the script to an emotional journey was superb, and the events in the script had also avoided the regular cliches. 

5: The moments that the film and the script offers are unforgettable, with lots of heart-touching scenes the movie was making my mind emotional. The different characters that come across Charlie and Dharma were also legitimately written, the helping hands of various characters did fit perfectly for the ongoing situations. From a point, the movie thickens into the sole aim of Dharma and Charlie so the different paths of Dharma and Charlie were thrilling at the same time it was also exciting. The second half is all about the wonderful travelling of Dharma and Charlie, their reason for travel, the various events in their travelling and how finally they fulfilled their aim had given me a spectacular cinematic experience. I have seen many travel movies in recent times but this film felt different from them because an exaggeration was never felt at any point, the presence of Charlie and the love of Dharam is one of the main reasons, their relationship was powerfully constructed in the writing and the making. 

6: Another plus point is the characterization, the supporting characters in the film were written adequately, the characters of Sharvari, Sangeetha Sringeri, Raj B. Shetty, Bobby Simha and Vijay Vikram Singh were having crucial importance and those characters had helped to stabilize the various occurrences. Also, the childhood tragedy of Dharma was a good subplot and it was satisfying and it also matched to showcase the character and attitude of Dharma. Another biggest winning factor is the climax, the dream come true moment of Charlie was so touching, and the way the film ended was also gratifying. The climax visuals of Charlie and Dharma are still making my mind emotional, and the ending made my eyes fill with tears and happiness. 


1: The plot is predictable but that won’t be creating any problems for the viewing, the movie will keep on engaging us. The length of the movie is approximately three hours, the second half is lengthy so in between some may feel a slight drag. Some scenes in the second half were told with the help of songs, instead of the scene the director had used different songs to establish the situations. So the repeating of songs in the second part was not that cool enough, it was not bad but felt as a usual pattern. 


Rakshit Shetty as Dharma was delivering a terrific performance throughout, his acting was intense and he carried the character with real depth. His expressions were priceless, all the combination scenes with the dog Charlie had genuinely worked out to make a great impact. The way he acted out the emotional scenes were exhibiting his acting skills. Rakshit Shetty’s crying scene in the second half especially at the climax was beautiful, the emotions and love towards his pet were handled gorgeously without any kind of errors. His acting was passing out the feel, through the authentic performance we will get the emotion of each scene and also his outstanding performance helped to make a proper sentimental impact. The dialogue delivery was also good and the natural way of performance and the lovely combination scene with the dog Charlie made his performance remarkable. The dog Charlie had stolen the show, and his cute looks and the crazy doings of Charlie was fun and hilarious to watch. The attachment scene of Charlie with the master Dharma was surprising with many touching emotional moments. The ending was shocking and the presence of Charlie in the climax portion was breathtaking, every single moment in the climax was giving a different feel and I was getting the affection and love of Charlie. Sangeetha Sringeri as Devika did a notable performance, her supporting character was crucial and she had neatly performed well. Raj B. Shetty as Dr. Ashwin Kumar was having the humorous shade character and the veterinary doctor role suited to his outlook and attitude, also his jokes were funny. Bobby Simha’s cameo role was surprising and his character was written amazingly and the impact which the character created had played a vital role for the film. Bobby Simha was the perfect choice for the role and he through the emotional angle had done a great job. Vijay Vikram Singh as Military Officer also handled a cameo performance and the performance was good. Sharvari as Adhrika was looking cute, her innocence and love towards Charlie was adorable. She had done an incredible job, she had carefully acted the emotional scenes with Charlie and her smile was so gorgeous to watch. 


The technicality of this film is remarkable, top class cinematography work, nice musical work and the choosing of locations, the editing, lighting everything was having the proper quality and the teamwork to make the film perfect was vividly seen throughout. The cinematography of Aravind Kashyap was fantastic, each and every visual of the film was amazingly implemented according to the story and screenplay. I was stunned by seeing the climax visuals, those ice snows and the mountain shots filled with snow were magical, and the eyes were filled with a visual treat of nature. The entire second half was filled with many different locations, I felt I am a part of a travelogue. The chosen location was great, all the north Indian places were beautifully captured and it conformed well to the premise of the story. The closeup frames were extraordinarily shot especially the emotions of the dog Charlie can be seen being elegantly and the innocent face of Charlie was melting my mind and eyes. Everyone will be astounded by seeing the visuals of the climax, the climax visuals play a crucial role in this film and the cinematographer shot the climax with the precise visuals and the final impact was astounding. The chosen location for the film was brilliant and every single North Indian location was approximating the storyline and theme. The editing done by Pratheek Shetty was flawless, and the transition of scenes from one to another was good. The mismatches were never felt and the colour grading and tone, especially in the snow scenes, came out well. The music by Nobin Paul had given extra life to this film, the songs were giving a pleasant feeling of freshness. More than the tracks I enjoyed the background score, all the background scores were matching for the scene. The background tunes stood higher to pass out the feel-good moments, the entire climax was well synched with the background tunes and the tunes had also harmonised to give a sentimental vibe. 


So overall the film ‘777 Charlie’ had given me a memorable cinematic experience, I loved and enjoyed every single bit of the film. The love of the dog Charlie and the care of the master Dharma is a treat to watch and I will surely recommend this fabulous film to every type of audience. The journey of Charlie and Dharma will make you emotional and it is crammed with many heart-touching moments, it’s hard to explain so one should experience it and you won’t regret it. Therefore I will strongly declare that the film ‘777 Charlie’ has got all the elements for a wonderful theatre watch and if you are a pet lover please do watch this film on the big screen. 

  • RATING: 4/5
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