Onam Movie Releases 2023: Who is the Onam Winner and which movie can be the favourite of the family audience?


Onam Movies 2023 Releases: Who won the Onam battle? Which movie can be the choice of the family audience?

This year’s Onam movies are presently running in theaters and let’s check out an in-depth analysis of three movies and the response from the viewers and family audience. Also, let’s see how well the three movies performed initially at the box-office. 

Onam Movies 2023 Releases: Who won the Onam battle? Which is the favorite of the family audience? 1

Onam is undoubtedly one of the most significant seasons for the Malayalam film industry in Kerala. There are three major big onam releases this week and the theaters are now filled with youth and family audiences. The three Onam releases of this year are Dulquer Salmaan’s King of Kotha, Nivin Pauly’s Ramachandra Boss & Co. and an action thriller by the team of RDX which has Antony Varghese, Shane Nigam and Neeraj Madhav. Among the three Onam releases, which movie is currently grabbing the attention of youth and family audiences, let’s check out which film is going to dominate this year’s Onam season. 

When looking into the present trend in box-office and word-of-mouth among the Onam release the film RDX is currently grabbing the attention of both youth and family audiences. RDX had the least expectations among the Onam movies of this year and Dulquer Salmaan’s King of Kotha had the most hype. The fact is that it’s the Kerala box-office and Kerala audiences are very sensible in selecting the right movies so the factor of hype and stardom won’t help a film to achieve success, especially on a season like Onam. 

Dulquer Salmaan’s King of Kotha was released last Thursday with big hype and massive promotion. The movie was aimed to attract youth and family audiences. As per the coming response from the audience King of Kotha was initially able to pull the attention of the youth audience because of the stardom of DQ but now the movie is getting mixed response. King of Kotha is a periodical gangster film with actions but the script and making didn’t raise up to the expectations. So now the movie is struggling to achieve the targeted audience of youth and family audiences. As per the early report, the first-day box-office collection of King of Kotha is ₹8.7 Crores and it’s the second-most opening-day collection in Kerala after Mohanlal’s Odiyan. 

Public response of King of Kotha

Whereas in the past Onam seasons, Nivin Pauly movies had made success at the Kerala box-office and movies like Love Action Drama and Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela are two examples. So for this year, Onam Nivin Pauly is back with a heist movie titled Ramachandra Boss & Co. The family and youth audiences like to watch Nivin Pauly movies so the expectation for Ramachandra Boss & Co was high. But now the moderate reviews and response for the movie are questioning whether Nivin Pauly’s movie can attract family and youth audiences. The situational comedies in the movie worked to a point but overall the reviews and initial response are not favoring Nivin Pauly this time. So, we hope the reviews won’t affect the running of Ramachandra Boss & Co. Still, families who love to watch a one-time comedy film can book tickets for Ramachandra Boss & Co. but better to watch with fewer expectations. 

Public response of Ramachandra The Boss & Co

RDX came silently with less hype and promotion and now the film is ruling over the box-office. The high-octane action sequences in the film are getting a heavy response from both the youth and family audiences. Initially, I wondered whether the movie would be accepted by family audiences but the response and reviews that the film is receiving are massive. With terrific actions, the movie also has a good script filled with family sentiments. So without thinking much the family audience can also book the ticket for RDX. The initial reviews are favorable for the film and the first-day collection is ₹1.30 crore. The advance bookings in the coming days are fast-filling and looks like RDX ranks at the top as the Onam winner. 

Public response of RDX

So, from the reviews and public opinion, it’s clear that RDX is currently leading in the front as the Onam winner and as the choice of the family audience. In the coming days let’s wait and see which movie is going to rule the Kerala box-office.