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The trailer of King of Kotha received a tremendous response and within 12 Hours of the theatrical trailer release on YouTube, it gained 8.4 Million views.

The Powerpack Trailer of Dulquers King Of Kotha Is Released 1

King of Kotha is the much-awaited Onam release and one of the most anticipated Pan-Indian movies of the year. The fans of Dulquer Salmaan are eagerly waiting to watch the film on the big screen. The hype of the movie is too much and now the trailer of the film has been released on YouTube. The trailer looks brilliant and it proves that the hype is real. 

‘Raju’s childhood dream is to be a notorious gangster like his father, the trailer contains dialogue that packs a thrilling punch right from the start. The beginning itself looks interesting and then shows our hero Dulquer by mentioning Raju was the King of Kotha back then. So we can assume that Duqler will be seen as a dreadful gangster. In the trailer, we can hear someone narrating that the hero Raju is ‘The People’s Hero’, and this marks the beginning of a loved hero. 

 The looks and outlook of Dulquer are revealed in the trailer and through the glimpse it is sure that we can see the character transformation of Dulquer into a People’s Hero. The gang war and action sequences in the trailer look terrific and to boost the impact it had the right background tunes composed by Jakes Bejoy. “I’m here, do what you can” dialogue from the trailer makes sure that he is fearless. Dulquer’s voice modulation and expression when telling the dialogue look heroic. Through an impressive song, the visuals and premise of Kotha are shown and slowly the trailer tracks into the romantic angle. Aishwarya Lekshmi makes an appearance as the heroine and the pairing with Dulqer looks lovely. 

The trailer: King of Kotha ( video source: YouTube @Zee Studios)

Who are the villains and how does Dulquer’s character face the obstacles from his enemies is what the rest of the trailer indicates also “If you drink like this you won’t live much ”, The dialogue from Mala Parvathy gives the hint that the hero has a sorrowful side. Immediately the trailer shifts the template into action with some attractive violin notes. Dulquer’s intense looks and closeup shots showcased his acting skills. How Dulquer tells about Kotha using a dog was powerful “First it barks at you, then it wags its tail and follows you and finally, it lies at your feet”. So this seems interesting, Kotha has lots of stories to tell and let’s wait for it. 

The shots and frames are rich and the editing is crisp and clear in the trailer. King of Kotha is the first film of director Abhilash Joshiy so let’s hope he has given his best. The film is an Onam release and the pre-business of the film was record-breaking. RDX and Ramachandra Boss and Co are also clashing with the King of Kotha. The teaser of Nivin Pauly’s film will be released tomorrow to give a tough fight for Kotha. So let’s wait and see for the entry of the King of Kotha. I’m excited for the King of Kotha, are you?