Concessions on Covid rules for Everest tourists

Everest tourists -

Kathmandu: Nepal has relaxed the Covid rules to attract Everest tourists. It is important to note that quarantine is not required for those who have been vaccinated with Covid and have a Covid negative certificate. Tourists are required to submit RTPCR results taken within 72 hours of departure from home and records of receipt of two doses of vaccine on the Tourism website. The Department of Tourism also said that documents should be produced for the visa requirement while taking the ticket.

Besides, there is a facility to check the documents of the hotels and resorts where you have decided to stay in Nepal. Upon arrival in Nepal, travelers are required to make a further inspection at their own expense. Apart from this, travelers should also have travel insurance of one lakh Nepali rupees.

Nepal has suffered huge losses in the tourism sector following the expansion of Covid. The government has eased the law in the tourism sector to get back to normal as soon as possible. But the ban on entry from Tibet continues.