Shamna Kasim’s blackmail case; Bail granted for three accused

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Kochi: Three of the accused have been granted bail in connection with Shamna Kasim’s blackmail case. Earlier, Ernakulam Sessions Court granted bail when the police were planning to take them back into custody. More bail pleas will be heard in the coming days.

Those who are out on bail are not guilty of criminal cases in the past, nor are they blackmail cases. Abubakar, who called Shamna as the groom’s father, also considered himself sick. The High Court also directed that the accused be granted bail in cases of imprisonment of fewer than seven years because of the COVID situation.

The bail is also an indication that the police are not serious in this case. Abubakar, who was in Aluva sub-jail and two other accused in the COVID center were released. The bail was pending in the wake of further questioning by the police.

The woman has called Shamna, herself said the groom’s relative, who is being questioned by police. Her anticipatory bail will be considered by the High Court on Monday.


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