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School to reopen on June 1

Thiruvananthapuram: The academic year in the state will start from June 1, the Minister of Public Instruction V. Shivankutty informed. Admission to classes one to nine will start on April 27. The state-level entrance ceremony will be held in Thiruvananthapuram. The entrance ceremony will follow the ‘back to school’ guidelines issued during the covid period, the minister said at a press conference.

The Minister pointed out that 9,34310 new students were admitted to government schools in the state during the academic years 2017-18 to 2021-22. The activities for the next academic year have been formulated with a focus on academic improvement. The method of study will change from time to time. The Department of Education will formulate and implement a special training program to enable teachers to impart up-to-date knowledge to students. Training will be from the second week of May to the last week. 150 members of SCERT’s Resource Group have been assigned to prepare the module. They will train more than 9,000 teachers belonging to the State Resource Group. Teachers, who state resource persons, will train 6,200 people in the districts. It will then train 58,000 teachers in the lower primary section, more than 40,000 teachers in the upper primary section, and more than 44,000 teachers in the high school section.

An online system will be set up for teacher training arrangements. Kite is developing an online training and management system for this. The portal will include online registration for trainees, scheduling, attendance, batch rotation, certificate preparation for participants, and the facility to collect training feedback. It trains 134,000 teachers in grades one through ten. Special training will be imparted to Higher Secondary and Vocational Higher Secondary teachers.

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