No second show; Employees must be Covid negative; Guidelines released

theater after covid

Thiruvananthapuram: When movie theaters open in the state after a long closure, it is only open from nine in the morning until nine at night. The Department of Health has issued guidelines in this regard. Only employees who are Covid negative should be employed. No second show. The show should be avoided at the same time as crowding in a multiplex theater with multiple screens.

Admission is limited to 50 percent of the total seats. The air conditioner should be cleaned before opening the theater. This should be continued at regular intervals. The operation of the AC should be such as to increase the rate of constant exchange of indoor air. Temperature testing should be ensured for staff and spectators. Masks, sanitizers, and social media should be followed.Sit in alternate seats and use stairs instead of elevators.No food are allowed inside the theater. Online booking should be utilized. Sick rooms should be set up in theaters for the sick. They have to stay here until the health workers arrive. High-risk employees should be allowed to work without contact with the public.