Nun rape case; Franco Mulakkal gets bail

Franco Mulakkal

Kottayam: Bishop Franco Mulakkal has been granted bail in the case of molesting a nun. The court granted bail on the basis that Franco should not leave Kerala till the 13th day after hearing the charge sheet. The bishop must appear in court for all further hearings. The Supreme Court had yesterday rejected a petition filed by Franco seeking to be dropped from the case.

Franco Mulakkal approached the Supreme Court, alleging that the testimony against him was contradictory and that the evidence was fabricated. In the petition, Franco Mulakkal had stated that the evidence did not exist. However, the Supreme Court ruled that Franco Mulakkal could not be excluded from the list of defendants.

Chief Justice SA Bobde had asked Franco Mulakkal’s lawyer, who was trying to oppose the court’s decision, whether it was an attempt to exert spiritual power over the court. Earlier, the Kerala High Court had rejected the demand for Franco Mulakkal. The High Court ordered that the case be tried.