Kerala with Lakshadweep; The Assembly passed a resolution against the administrator

Kerala with Lakshadweep

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Legislative Assembly unanimously passed a resolution expressing solidarity with the people fighting against the administrator’s anti-people reforms in Lakshadweep. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan introduced the resolution in the House. The amendment approved the revocation of the administrator’s controversial orders.

Attempts are being made to impose saffron agendas and corporate interests by destroying the unique way of life of the people of Lakshadweep. It started with saffron color on the coconuts and has now grown to destroy the habitats, life, and natural relationships of the people.

Lakshadweep also took steps to remove banners previously erected on the island against the Citizenship Amendment Bill and to arrest those who wrote it. The people of Lakshadweep generally adopt the practice of living peacefully in general and greeting guests with love. Steps have also been taken to bring in a goonda act in Lakshadweep, where crime is rampant. Such measures have been taken in anticipation of such protests. Through this, the authoritarian system of government continued to develop.

The aim is to take action to destroy fishing, which is the basis of people’s livelihood. The tents where the fishermen’s boats and nets are kept have been destroyed. Steps are also being taken to eliminate beef, which is an important part of the natural diet of people. The Sangh Parivar agenda of banning cow slaughter is being implemented through the back door. Steps are being taken to ban beef and beef and to close down dairy farms. The administrator in Lakshadweep is now spearheading the process of destroying the life and culture of such a people inch by inch.

Steps are being taken to abolish all existing democratic institutions in Lakshadweep and impose bureaucratic domination. The powers of the District Panchayat and the Village Island Panchayat have been transferred to the Administrator. The departments of Fisheries, Health, Education, Animal Husbandry, and Agriculture are being removed from the purview of the District Panchayat.

An administrator who did not have the authority to intervene directly in these departments is also empowered to do so by order. In doing so, the central government is undermining the island’s natural democracy by deploying officials of their choice.
It is also presenting a bizarre answer related to the election. The attitude that those with more than two children should not contest in the panchayat elections is unheard of in our country. It is trying to implement that as well. As a result, the vast majority of the islanders will lose their democratic rights.

As part of the protection of the island community’s habitat, culture, and security, the existing law states that no one outside the island has the right to purchase land. This is the law that prevails in many parts of India. But reforms are also being implemented as part of making changes to it.

The Central Government has a responsibility to ensure that the features of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep and its people are preserved. The resolution also says that the administrator who challenges it should be removed from his responsibilities.