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Ensured the quality of food; Onam kit distribution in the state will begin on Saturday

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Thiruvananthapuram: The state government has ensured the quality of food items in the Onam kit, Food Minister GR Anil said. This year’s Onam kit consists of 15 food items and cloth bags. In addition to the semia or cheese, cashews, cardamom, and ghee required for the kheer, the kit contains 1 kg of sugar, half a liter of coconut oil, and 1 kg of atta. Food Minister GR Anil said that the stock has been instructed not to include old stock and quality has been ensured. He added that Onam markets will be started in 10 district centers next month. Onam kit distribution will start on Saturday. All categories of cardholders will get a kit of 15 items through ration shops. The minister said that for Onam, one liter will be given to the priority sections and half a liter of kerosene to other sections.

Kits will be distributed in order of priority of ration cards. Yellow cardholders will receive the kits on the 31st. Kits will be distributed on August 2 and 3 for the pink card from August 4 to 7, for the blue card from August 9 to 12, and for the white card from August 13 to 16.

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