Covid intensified; Quarantine Isolation Guidelines revised

Covid spread in 10 states including Kerala is critical Center -

Thiruvananthapuram: The health department has revised the Covid-19 quarantine isolation guidelines in the state. The person confirmed by Covid will be treated according to the treatment criteria as decided by the doctor. According to the standards, unnecessary trips and social interactions should be avoided for up to seven days after discharge.

Fourteen days quarantine for those in primary contact. Those on the list are advised to contact Direction 1056 or the nearest health worker if they have any symptoms. The details of the guidelines are as follows:

14 days room quarantine at home or institution for those most at risk through primary contact.
If there are no symptoms, and RTPCR test should be performed on the eighth day. Even if the result is negative, the quarantine should be continued for another 7 days. The person in the primary contact should avoid unnecessary trips for 1 to 4 days, wear a mask, clean hands, and strictly adhere to hygiene during carrying and sneezing.

Avoid social interactions such as weddings, other ceremonies, work, and visits.
RTPCR as per Central Government guidelines on the arrival of international travelers in Kerala. Inspect and sit in isolation at home. Treatment should be sought according to the test results. Monitor for seven days for symptoms, even if negative. 

Must register one-Jagratal portal and produce RTPCR negative test result within 48 hours. Those who have not done the RTPCR test should undergo the RTPCR test as soon as they arrive in Kerala and stay in room quarantine till the result is received.

Even if the RTPCR test result is negative, comply with the Covid standards.
If the RTPCR does not perform the test, the room must be under quarantine for 14 days.