BJP’s Releases ‘Sankalp Patra’ with 75 Promises


New Delhi: BJP’s manifesto for ‘Lok Sabha polls’ ‘Sankalp Patra’ released. As the country celebrated its 75th Independence Day, there were 75 promises in the manifesto.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has filed the papers. Chairman of Committee handover the Manifesto to the Prime Minister. Farmers’ income will double. Ram temple construction will make India the third largest economy. Manifestations and agenda have been uplifted so that the unified Civil Code will be implemented.

Amit Shah spoke on the basis of the Modi government’s ruling gains. Amit Shah claimed that the manifesto was revealed after the opinion of six crore people had come to know.

Five years of Modi rule was the golden development era of India. The Modi rescued 50 crore people from poverty. Modi rule taken 50 important decisions within the five years, he said.

Offerings in the Manifesto:

The construction of the Ram Temple, which was offered during the last election, it repeats again. We will seek all the ways to build a Ram temple. It will be work harder for it. Rajnath Singh said that will soon begin construction of Ram temple.

The pension will be given to small and medium farmers who are over 60 years old.

The unified civil code will be implemented

The citizenship amendment bill will be passed

For a period of one to five years, the farmers have the option to repay the loan.

Empowerment of women at all levels of government. The Constitution will amend 33 percent of women in parliament and state assemblies to ensure that women representation.