Details of WhatsApp chats with Shivshankar and Venugopal are out

Details of WhatsApp chats with Shivshankar and Venugopal are out -

Thiruvananthapuram: WhatsApp messages between former Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister M Sivasankar and Chartered Accountant P Venugopal is out. Both of them share concerns about the bank locker in WhatsApp messages 10 days after Swapna Suresh’s arrest. Shivshankar has advised Venugopal to leave Kerala to escape the media. Swapna Suresh was arrested on July 11 from Bangalore. Ten days later, Shivashankar had a conversation with Venugopal.

Shivshankar had told the Enforcement Directorate and Customs that he had not asked Venugopal to open the bank locker. Channels have now released information that proves this to be wrong. Venugopal tells Sivashankar that Customs has asked him about his joint locker with Swapna Suresh. Venugopal told Sivashankar that when the media came to the front of the house, he was locked inside. Not released. Venugopal also said that he did not pick up the phone. Shivashankar advises Venugopal to stay away from places including Nagercoil.Venugopal had informed Sivashankar that the Swapna came with Rs 35 lakh and how much of it was deposited in the bank. This is in the chat on February 8, 2019. WhatsApp chats show that Swapna Suresh informed Sivashankar every time he saw Venugopal. Shivshankar says that he only introduced Venugopal to Swapna and did not ask him to open the bank locker.