COVID-19: Death toll rises to 199 in India, 33 Died in 24 hours


New Delhi: Corona virus, which is spreading worldwide from Wuhan in China, is catching on in India.

199 people died in India in this pandemic. The virus claimed the lives of 33 people in 24 hours. More than 600 people have been diagnosed with the disease yesterday.

So far, 6412 people have been diagnosed with corona virus in India. Maharashtra has the highest coronal infestation in India. Corona has so far confirmed 1364 people. 97 people died.

The second is Tamil Nadu. A total of 834 people were infected with the corona. Eight people died. In Delhi, 720 people have contracted the disease. The disease has claimed the lives of 12 people. In Kerala, 357 people have been diagnosed with the disease. 97 were cured.

According to reports, 241 people have been confirmed coroners in Gujarat. 17 deaths have also been reported. In Madhya Pradesh, 259 people have died from the disease and 16 have died.The number of deaths due to COVID has reached ninety-five thousand in the world. Worldwide, Covid’s death toll rises to 95,694. According to reports 1,603,168 people have so far been infected. 356,440 cured persons. More than 1,900 people died in the United States alone on Thursday. The US also has the highest number of deaths in the world.