COVID-19; Aadu Jeevitham crew, Prithviraj and Blessy trapped in Jordan’s desert

Aadu Jeevitham

Amman: Director Blessy and actor Prithviraj, who flew to Jordan to shoot the film, were trapped in the wake of the global lockdown. They were stranded in the desert at Vadiram, Jordan. The 58-member film crew was camping in the desert. Filming of the Adu Jeevitham began in Jordan just over a month ago. The line producers of the film told them that they could not continue filming. The curfew was declared in Jordan. The authorities have also instructed them to leave the country immediately.

The film had been stopped four days ago. The visa expires within eight days, ie April 8th. So the film crew sent a letter to the film chamber and the state and central government demanding immediate intervention.

Flights from Jordan to India have been completely stopped. The film chamber is hoping that the government will take steps to shift the film crew to a safer location in Jordan itself. This requires the intervention of the Indian Embassy. The Film Chamber wants the state to exert pressure on the Center.


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