Bail granted for Alan and Taha in UAPA case

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Alan and Taha granted bail in the Panteerankavu UAPA case. Bail was granted by an NIA court. Bail was granted on conditions. The conditions for granting bail are to appear at the respective station every first Saturday of every month and sign, not to be associated with the CPI Maoist organizations, to have one of the parents bailed out, to have a bond of Rs 1 lakh, and to surrender his passport. Alan and Taha were released on bail 10 months after their arrest.

He had earlier applied for bail in Kozhikode court, NIA court, and high court three times but was rejected. It was dismissed on the ground that the charge sheet had not been filed. After the charge sheet was filed on April 27, the NIA again approached the court to file a bail application. In it, the court heard detailed arguments in recent days. After that, the two were granted bail on Wednesday.