Uber -The Innovative Transportation Industry Planning to Launch Flying Taxis


In the transportation industry, the Uber introducing a new feel of journey, as flying taxis. The custom designed passenger pickups come in the form of their vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) flying car. This development means that, in the future, commuters will be able to access a network of small, electric VTOL aircraft’s that can provide fast and reliable flying transportation. We have long known that the project was in the works, but now, reports say. The Uber Taxis start their services in Dallas, Texas and Dubai by 2020. The Uber Taxis announced the services in October 2016. The Uber Taxis will be launch all over the world by 2023, reports said. The authorities claim that they can help to reach the destiny within 15 minutes, whereas the road transportation will take 2 hours to minimum journey. The electric aircraft’s will be used as the Taxis. Once it is charged, they can fly 160 km at a time. They will be less in sounds with 150 km speed, the sources added.